Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Finished.  Started.  Same difference when it comes to writing.  I find that a huge mountain is dominated and conquered when all of my hours and hours, days and weeks, of writing are finally complete and I find myself sitting in front of a completed work.  Finished.

After the victory lap around the city....okay, it's more like a victory nap but let's not be technical about it, the truth sinks in.  This "finish" is actually just the "start".  See, now I have something to work on.  Now I have what could potentially be a load of crap, ready to sift through, weed out, pluck apart, and rebuild into something that is of substance and worth.

That, my friends, is where I am.

Last year, 'Lily of the Valley' was placed on a shelf.  It still sits there to this day.  Perhaps many years from now she will be dusted off and rewritten.  This creation is different.  It's my baby.  This isn't a novel, per-say.  Well, no, it's not per-say at all, it's totally not a novel.  I was a rebel.  This book is my Memoir.  Witty.  Comical.  And the dead-straight truth.  Self-deprecating humor and all.  All the way from busting my face open the day before 3rd grade pictures, to breaking my sister's ribs trying to "fly her" when we were in our twenties.  The good.  The bad.   The ugly.  It's all there.

Now I just have to rework it!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another NANOWRIMO Underway...

Failing to update you on my amazing weekend away, I have stopped in to say a quick 'hello' to my dear friends. 


I'm knee deep in procrastinating guilt at my lack of writing thus far this November.  Life has kept me busy indeed.  I'm now 6,000 words into my month.  At this point I *should* be crossing word 28,339 off my board.  Crap!

Rest assured that I am thinking about my blogging shortcomings and wishing that I had time to type more, but I simply do not!

I leave you with these small tidbits of life:

- half and half can be subbed for "heavy cream" in recipes.

- gas prices are going up and I am extremely poor

- I had mini corn dogs for dinner last night, and I love it.

- Learning lessons is something I fail at, seeing as TWICE this week alone I've been caught singing (rather loudly) by my neighbor.

- The shop vac I want is $37.99 at True Value.  I cannot afford that.  The nice lady there told me it's $19.99 on sale the week after Thanksgiving.  Holler!

- The lady at Walgreens always makes me smile.  When I walk in she's always like, " HAAAAY GIRL!"  I spelled 'hey' with an 'a' to give you full affect.

- Is is 'affect' or 'effect'?  Flippin' heck, I will NEVER learn the difference between the two!

- I watched a tutorial on how to do 60s still bridal (hair) buns.  It may be my "new" hairstyle.  We'll see.

- A friend is crashing on my couch for the next two nights.

- Beans is adorable as ever. 

- Ivy is a feisty little talkfest, but she's super cuddly at night and I love that.

- The nights are coming faster these days.

- I ran out of chap stick the other day, so I used olive oil.

I guess that's it!  My brain shut off.  I hope it kicks back on in a bit.  I need to get my word count up!
Three of the previous four sentences began with the word "I".  Man, "I" must be full of myself!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Week(end) A New Adventure

My sister and I joined two of our Aunt's, an extended Cousin, and a friend at a cabin "Up North" this past weekend.  We had a great time - and a great adventure.  I've been so excited to blog about it but I cannot find "the picture" that I have in my mind that I want to post.  Maybe I'll never find it.  I will, however, tell you about our trip!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I miss alot when I'm gone...

from blogger that is.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I logged on to Blogger to write something amazing. 
I ended up getting distracted by updates from friends about their adventures; coupled with beautiful pictures of their babies and daily lives.  In short, total distraction.

I cut my own bangs last night.  Feeling adventurous I googled "how to cut your own bangs" and then I went and did it.  Success.  I mean, I like them anyway.

Also, my baby girl has been "fixed". 
Now she lounges around waiting for her repairs to heal.

Admit it, she's freaking adorable.  She can't help it, she was made that way.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Friends!  I'm suffering from poor-dom, so my plans are to remain at home watching "Sex and the City" and writing Saturday and Monday.  Sunday I will emerge from my caccoon for church and work but that's about it.

Any fun "goings on" in your life this holiday break?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This week is weed-mania; the legal sort.  Although, in my opinion I wish yard weeds were actually illegal.  Meaning: government, take care of my weeds.  Ha!  Yeah right.

My yard has become what an abandoned field looks like after rainy mornings followed by blaringly bright and sunny afternoons.  My yard, to an old retired person who meticulously cares for their property, is hell.  Seriously, it's gone from bad to worse.  Last night, however, that all changed.

Strapping on my railroad bibs, which are horrendously unflattering to my naturally sexy body (as if!), I set out to conquer and reclaim the land behind my abode.  After almost two hours of sweat, mosquito bites and dirt flinging, I'd say I'm about 70% done.  And at that point the last thing I felt like doing was bagging up all my weedy carcasses.  So I left them till today, when I'd return to tackle more.  Only, it has rained all, day, long.  Awesome.

Way to go, me!  I left my yard with about 7 or so piles of yard waste, broken lights left by the former tenant, an old Christmas tree left by the landlord the Christmas before last, a water-killed and warped/broken wooden kitchen chair, and...need I go on?  All in all, my backyard was left looking like a small tornado had passed through.  That was all find and dandy, when I thought I'd be picking it up tonight.  Fat chance that's going to go as planned! 

I still feel a small bit of pride welling in my inner-most being.  A sense of happiness instead of shame when thinking about my yard.  I realize that I feel more comfortable leaving my house without makeup and looking absolutely dreadful than I do with the thought of other's seeing my weed-infested yard! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still Not Dead

Back to the blog and life still goes on...

What do I mean by that?  Well, for starters, I woke up yesterday morning to a flat tire and the inevitable fact that I was going to be late to work.  Grrreat.  That's awesome.  So, I get ready, go outside and investigate my once inflated rubber wheel.  Sliced.  My tire was slashed.  Are you joking me right now?

Why am I not on TV? 

Why isn't my life a reality show? 

Like I always say; 'Someone is missing out on making a LOT of money off of my life.'  I know I am!  Missing out on making money, that is! 

So, little old me - broke as all get out - gets her tire slashed.  Glad I have less than NO money to get that fixed. 

In the end, facebook and my sister saved me, and friends and family jumped it to rescue.  Today I have a new (used) tire and am back in action.  Now, if only some rich person felt the urge to give me a large lump sum of cash... that would be fabulous.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Dead

I'm alive.  I'm alive and writing.

I'm attempting Camp Nanowrimo this month.  That should say it all.

I'm also reading another Jan Lancaster book:  "Bright Lights; Big Ass".

Oh, also, I'm working about 60 hours this week.

Sound fun yet?

*raises glass....er....AMP can*  CHEERS!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

This past week has been a whirlwind time, literally.

Last Thursday night I found myself driving to meet some friends about a half hour North of my home.  I hadn't heard any news of a storm brewing, but I knew that my enjoyment of the 60 degree weather was to be short-lived, as tomorrow there would be a heat index of 109, yikes!  For the moment I was cruising in my car, listening to the radio while enjoying the breeze with my windows down.

About halfway there, I saw the most amazing cloud-line rolling in on me.  I just thought it looked pretty cool, to be honest.  So, I pulled my car over and snapped a picture on my less than awesome phone, before continuing on my merry little way.

About a mile and a half down the road, the storm was upon me.  I could tell that the lightning was over the lake - and it was the most powerful lightning I'd ever seen!  But the storm, that was a different story, I felt like I was in the eye of it.  I wasn't scared though, which thinking back was kind of weird.  I guess in the back of my mind I've been trained that everything will be okay, unless there are tornado sirens blaring - that's when you really have to worry, right?

Meanwhile, my car is crunching hideously over hundreds of tree branches, twigs and leaves that in a moment appeared on the roadway.  Still I drove onward, unaware of the actual power of the storm I was in.  Three mature trees, THREE, fell around me or in front of me on my way.  Even STILL I drove on. 

The storm had knocked out power in the building where my friends were waiting for me.  We met in the dark, using our cell phones when we needed light.  By the time we'd finished, about an hour later, we walked outside, said our goodbyes and headed homeward.

I'd missed two calls from my childhood best friend who lives out in the County, approximately 45 min from my house by car.  A frantic Amie answered her phone and asked me if my Dad was okay.  Apparently a tornado went through the neighborhood where our Dad's still live.  Her Dad had lost half of the shingling from his roof, and he told her of the funnel cloud that barreled over his head as the storm passed through.  Worried beyond belief by this time, I hung up with my friend and called my Dad.

Thankfully he has a cell phone, as the power was knocked out.  He was fine, the house was fine, and all the animals were fine.  He'd walked outside when the "phenomenon" occurred and it had physically pulled him off the porch and down his front steps.  He recalled it feeling as though he was being sand blasted, but thankfully he was unharmed.  The neighborhood was pitch black, apart from the rescue vehicles that peppered the city.

I sped back to town.  I called one of my friends, Lindsay, who I had just left and asked her to pray with me, for my house and my beloved cat, Beans.  In my front yard stand two gigantic pine trees and I dreaded coming home to find my house crushed and my cat missing.  Beans is an indoor cat and the thought of him getting out panicked me, like a human falling through ice and not being able to find the entry point.  I had no idea the devastation I might witness.  As Linds prayed for me, immediately a peace settled over my heart and I sped onward.

My cute little gingerbread house was unharmed.  Unfortunately I could not see a thing; the light from my dying cell phone was just enough for my to locate my groggy cat, throw him in the kennel, and head over to my Dad's house.  I spent the night there.  No power.  Little sleep.  A lot of walking around and surveying the damage. 

Trees down.

Power lines down.

We came across the scene of an accident where a tree crashed onto a motorcycle rider, killing him instantly.  I found out the following day that he was a friend of mine from school.  He was trying to get home to his wife and children when the unexpected (still undefined) storm took place.  He was two blocks from his wife and three daughters when he died. 

The following day, Friday, I went on a walk through the park that rests between my Dad's house and my best friend's childhood home.  The force of the storm was evident:

Tree after tree, uprooted.  Trees on houses.  Felled trees on power lines...

Root systems yanked out as though they were small weeds; leaving behind holes that were upwards of 6 feet deep and around!

Trees that lined the ball field by my childhood home were now laying over fences, streets, and homes.

Because there was no warning, no one was prepared.  My cousin was actually in the park playing softball and he watched instantaneously as the sand kicked up and all at once the trees fell around him.

The destruction came from the same storm that I thought was going to flip over my car as it blasted me with debris moments before doing this!

You never realize how much you depend on electricity until it is gone.  My fridge was filled with food from my Dad and Sister's un-powered refrigerator.  My Dad, who has sleep apnea was up for a full day before going to my house with his machine.  Thursday night the power went out.  By Friday morning mine had returned.  My Sister, my Dad, and two of my sister's cats moved in with me until they regained power.  My Dad had my bed, and Laura and I shared the futon.  Thank God I had air conditioning: did you forget how I mentioned earlier that the heat was to get up in the hundreds?  How miserable!

My Dad's power wasn't restored till 6pm on Saturday; almost 48 hrs later.

They still are calling this "event" a "windstorm".  I don't buy it.  It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen or experienced.  I'm thankful for the friends and family that remained safe in the middle of a completely unanticipated event.  Most people I have spoken with were actually outside at the time, caught in the eye of what is being referred to as the worst storm over Lake Michigan that's ever been recorded.

A storm with no rain.  Isn't that crazy?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Month is on its Way

...and with it comes a new book!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I learned about NANOWRIMO and accepted the challenge.  Yet seven months ago tomorrow I sat feverishly typing at my desk, trying my darnedest to get to the 50,000 finish-line!

This week I will physically feel the reward for my victory; a proof copy of my first novel.

This is a big deal for a writer.  This book will more than likely never see the light of day after this, but still, it's my first.  You never forget your first.  It shall sit upon my shelf, possibly next to a fellow blogger who is now penning his 2nd memoir for Harper and Collins.  Who knows, perhaps I'll be next?

As for now, I wait for my book to arrive.  Like a child waiting for Christmas, so will I be like, sitting on my couch, peeking out my curtains as I anxiously await the mailman's arrival on Friday.  How exciting it will be to unwrap and hold in my hands the fruit of my labour.

And with the arrival of my proof, 'Lily of the Valley' will be set in a place of prominence in my house; easily seen by me as a reminder to keep pursuing my dream of being a published author.  As one book temporarily closes, I stretch my fingers, sharpen my pencils, line up my notebooks, and prepare for my next book.  I already have the title and about half of the plan in my brain.  Finally I will have the time to sit down and focus whole-heartily on my next endeavour.  I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger Hates Me!

I'm not even sure if this will post, as Blogger and the Internet world at large seems to hate me.

Hello Friends!  I'm still alive - still writing, eating, reading and being sarcastic.  I assure you, I am still very much alive and kickin'!  Through a weird twist of fate the email address that I use for this blog has been shut down.  No reason given at all.  I only found out through a series of events, as it is my least used email account.  At any rate, blogger now wants me to prove it's my email address, which I cannot because it's gone!  On top of that, to change my email address for my blog, I must first verify that I am in fact myself...through an email, you guessed it, sent to my OLD ACCOUNT!

It is a headache that I have not even been able to *begin* to address because my intro to the summer months has been an incredibly busy one!  Hopefully in the weeks ahead I will have time to sort this all out and return to posts as normal.

I randomly was allowed 'on' today, so I hope this posts.  I feared that perhaps you felt abandoned.

I am here.  Everything will be OK.

So, how've you been?

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sometimes I vanish for a week or so, usually due to the pullings of "real life".

A week ago I had to put my baby, Areba, to sleep.  Areba was my cat; my sweetheart, my comfort, my friend.  I got Areba when she was a baby and I was a mere 12 years old.  She had a long life and just months away from her 19th birthday, she let me know that it was time for her to go.  I held her in my arms, stroked her beautiful fur, kissed her face and told her how much I loved her as the vet injected her and she passed away in my arms.  It was one of the hardest days of my life.  I miss her more than I can say.

Ever since Areba left, Beans (my 9 month old kitten) has been a terror.  It's been a roller coaster of emotions in my house and with Spring coming the "cleaning" bug has hit.  In it all, I'm here, friends!  I haven't forgetten you!

I hope you're all well!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Another Film

This past Saturday I froze my butt off while being the on set photographer for my cousin's hubby's next movie.  On that day he had aquired full access of a building in town that I have been in love with for YEARS.  I never thought I'd be able to get in there again.  Since my first walkthrough of it, about four years ago, I've always hoped that one day I'd get to go in and snap some pictures.  So when he asked if I was in, OF COURSE I said YES!

Here are a few pictures from inside the run-down theatre and of his film 'Ashley' that is now in production:
(click on the pictures if you'd like a better view of them)

It took me a nap under 2 blankets and a long hot shower to thaw out, but it was well worth it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Friday Facts

There are a lot of things about each of us that are very unique. ‘Unique’ is meant in a good way, friends. If I was saying there are things about each of us that are weird, well, I’d take the cake for the ‘weird’ category!

It’s Friday (an ‘odd’ not ‘even’ day – don’t ask) and I’m feeling a little reflective. I think I will vent some oddities about myself.

• Baby Ruth, never tried one.

• I like odd numbers, not evens.

• Days of the week associate with odd or even for me, and the order makes no sense. Also, they are subject to change whenever. However, Tuesdays are always ‘even’ days; Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are always ‘odd’ days.

• If a penny is laying on the ground tails up, I will never pick it up. If a penny is laying on the ground heads up, I will go out of my way to pick it up.

• I have never been on a proper roller coaster.

• I like the taste of nacho cheese Doritos just moments after eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

• I write fan letters to celebrities. I use children’s handwriting because it ups the odds that I’ll get an autograph in return.

• When staying at hotels I will take all things that are ‘free’. It’s the first thing that I do. I rarely ever use them while actually ‘in’ the hotel.

• I can’t wait to kiss someone in the rain. I think it’s pretty romantic. Maybe it’s just me though, I have a thing for walking in the rain and splashing in puddles.

• I have never stolen anything from a store before, although a couple of years ago I bought a piece of luggage that I loved but was way overpriced. I subsequently returned said item but I kept the tag. I now have a fancy luggage tag on my crappy suitcase that every time I see it reminds me of my evil deed.

• Many of my coworkers hunt; deer, buffalo, elk, you name it they hunt it. I think the idea of eating deer is disgusting. Yes, I know that this makes no rational sense. I am a meat and potatoes girl but the thought of deer…I mean…it’s BAMBI! Anyway, after much teasing, I tried some stew this week that was made with deer meat. I tried it in front of all the guys that tease me. I ate it, and I said I will still never eat deer meat again.

• I often find it funny when married Mom’s with 2,3,4 plus children complain that single people have it so much easier. Hmm. Who put a gun to your head and made you keep making babies, sunshine? The grass is always greener.

• So many people lack imagination. I am drawn to people who can tap in to their inner child and still make-believe.

• I don’t like mushrooms or tomatoes. I do love ketchup and salsa though – but don’t try to tell me that I should like tomatoes because of this, ‘cause you’d be mistaken.

• When I was little I used to be up the boys that lived on my block. I didn’t do it because I was butch or a tomboy, I did it because I was older. I made them pay my friend Amie and I fees sometimes to be in our club. Those fees went straight to candy bars for Amie and I.

• Still to this day when I put stuffed animals into plastic bags I make sure that they will be able to get fresh air to breathe.

• My hair is growing out of the last hair dye job that I did. The red was supposed to wash out over a month ago. It has not. I’m in a wedding in June and I have no idea what I want to do with it.

• I am wearing camouflage today. You cannot see me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

There Are No Short Cuts

“In our quick to fix society that aims for immediate gratification, many people think self discipline means suffering and self denial. Today, many are looking for that short cut in life. Yes we have become a quick to fix society, a “now” society. I want it now, what I see on TV because tomorrow is too late. If it feels good, I’ll try it, relief is just a swallow away. Temptation resisted is the true measure of character.” - Herb Brooks

My generation was a transitioned one between tough-love and spoon-fed. I had friends who worked very hard for their money and used it wisely; I also had friends who received a car the moment they got their license to drive. And I’m not talking a hand-me-down car, I’m talking brand new, off the lot, foreign import cars here and they took it for granted from the get go.

I was front row center to watch how the younger generation saw a transfer of ‘sportsmanship’ and ‘mindsets’ that although presented as “good” and “fair” turned out to produce whiny adults that believe everything should cater to and revolve around them. When I was in grade school I competed in track and field days with the entirety of my grade level – every year. If you didn’t place, you didn’t take a ribbon home. I shelter myself from the inevitable items that may be thrown my way from this next statement, but…there were winners and there were [gulp] losers!

That’s right, I said it, as a child I actually had to learn that everything is not easy. If I didn’t get out there and actually do the work for something, I didn’t reap the benefits and gratification from it. I was raised by parents who were not far removed from the Great Depression. The world was never handed to them on a spoon and neither has it been for me.

I have debt. I’m working very hard at getting out of it. It is no one else’s fault or responsibility. I have programed in into my mind that in order to change the mistakes I have made in the past, I have to work through it. I have to feel the pain in order to understand the blessing.  Maybe that is not true for everyone, but I know that it's right for me. That doesn’t stop me from buying a lottery ticket a few times a year and crossing my fingers though!

Deeper than debt though I see these "fads" that are hitting so many of my friends in the past few years:  diets. I am so against this that it’s ridiculous. Now, some people need extremes health-wise because they are at huge risks – that is understandable and encouraged when approved FOR THEM through their Doctor. But I cannot begin to tell you how painful it is to see how this mentality of instant gratification hits the most level-headed of people and makes them somehow think it makes complete sense. Sure, if you starve your body you will most definitely lose inches and weight. It’s a diet that’s been around for years, it’s called ANOREXIA! Or, maybe you’d like to try the higher class super-model version, called CRACK!

Fad diets come and go, that’s why they are called fads. I won’t call specific ones out on here right now, I just want to pass along the truth that, “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.” There is no way to deprive yourself and then go back to how you were previously without gaining weight back. At the end of the day you HAVE to change your lifestyle. It’s about choices, portions, and exercise. You are beautiful just being you, so if it takes longer than you want it to you have to remember that - you're beautiful and worth being taken care of.  Nothing is worth causing your body to yo-yo.  THAT is unhealthy.  As long as you take care of yourself and your body you are doing what's right. Marilyn Monroe was a curvy woman, she’d be booted from the industry nowadays and yet she’s one of Hollywood’s biggest icons. Ironic, right?

“Temptation resisted is the true measure of character.” Get rich quick schemes don’t work. Lose weight fast systems lead to unhealthy deprivations and habits. Hard work sucks a lot of the time, but in the end it is the one that is most often the most rewarding in the LONG term.

So, from this cheese ball from Wisconsin, I urge you all to find something you want to tackle in life: finances, weight, material belongings, a dream that you’ve long let go of – put a goal in front of your mind and WORK towards it.

The only way to get published is to write.
The only way to be a star athlete is to practice.
The only way to be a teacher is to first learn.

Everything worth anything takes discipline and grace.


The Sistine Chapel took Michelangelo a little over FOUR YEARS to complete!

Michael Jordan is known as one of the best basketball players of our time. 
Did you know that he played professionally for SIX YEARS before he won his first championship?

One of my favorite quotes ever is from this man himself:
"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mt. Dew Monday

(this photo borrowed from phototainable.com)

Many people will be writing about or thinking about one thing today.  As for me, I'm thinking about bed; as in sleep.  I had a fun and very un-sleep-filled weekend.  Today I suffer for that.  I already drank an energy drink to no avail.  I'm on a diet Mt. Dew at the moment and it seems to be doing no better.  Instead I can almost hear the clock ticking slower and slower towards the inevitable freedom that 5 o'clock brings.  All I have to do is return some shoes to Sears and go home.  Once home I will sort clothing like a ninja and bring some stuff over to my sister's house.  At that point I shall return home, watch the Bachelor and go to BED!  My body is fighting off a cold and CRAVING sleep.  My longing for sleep is probably most comparable to a crack addict suffering withdrawal and jonesing for their next high.  My high; sleep.  My method; a chamomile sleep aid and my comfy, comfy bed.


For the love of all that is good in this world, 5 PM, HURRY UP!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a Mother Daughter thing

Oh the irony...

In January I blogged about how my Dad's dog had eaten the one tree that I absolutely treasured; a chestnut tree planted by my Mother and I. (see post here) It was intended that one day it would be transplanted into the yard of my very own house.  That tree has now been destroyed and although it is quite rare for me to cry, I did.  It absolutely broke my heart.

Today, through a completely odd series of events I came across a video created by a Korean woman in memory of her Mother.  I cannot help but take it as a beautiful reminder of the memories I have with my own Mom and how completely ironic it is that the tree she used in this video was, out of all the possibilities, a chestnut tree. 

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Looking for Something Dumb to do...

♪♫♪... Hey Baby, I think I wanna marry you. ♪♫♪

I am in the mood to list.

- I really need to sort out the mess and boxes in my house.  I've been there a year now and I'm still not done.  I have a friend who just moved to Maryland and within a week she was finished sorting.  That is insane to me.  It is insane in a way that makes me drool with envy...

- It's going to get below zero for the next few days.  Let the fun begin.  And by fun I mean the countdown to me looking like an idiot by slipping on hidden ice patches.  Oh, wait, that's been my whole month thus far!

- Edgar Allen Poe is a favorite of mine.  Right now I am in the mood to read "The Tell Tale Heart".  It is one of my all-time favs.

- Tonight I am going shopping for a bridesmaid dress.  Hopefully we sort it out and order it!

- Sometimes I wonder why car tires aren't made entirely of rubber, or something very close-like; I mean, if there wasn't air in there then they wouldn't go flat.  I guess they could be extra bouncy that way though...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Happy Day...

The blizzard of '11 hit Southern Wisconsin hard and when I woke up on Wednesday even my front door was laughing at me...  (click to see picture in full glory)

Happy shoveling out to all my friends that were slapped in the face with snow!

Grand total that fell overnight:  23.2 inches.  Snow drifts anywhere from 1-8 feet tall.  Yowzah!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanna Come Dig Me Out?

I live in Wisconsin.  Winter's in Wisconsin are legit; they don't mess around.  They also aren't as harsh as *some* places can be.  I'm an odd-ball, I enjoy the winter.  I love the cold, the fresh fallen snow, nights spent inside of a warm house whilst sipping cocoa and watching the snow dance it's way to the earth below.  Enter last night's news:  a blizzard is heading our way.  By Wednesday night we could have up to 30 inches of snow!  No. Lie.  My bet is 12-18 inches but we will see.  All I know is that for this lady that means a LOT of shoveling will be happening in the next three days.  Ug.

Maybe I should go for a walk tonight and try to find a sexy man in his rugged snow-pants and flirt like crazy.  Odds are that he'll have a snow-blower, right?  He'd LOVE to rescue (me) the damsel in distress, right??

Why haven't I thought of this before!!!  [puts on super puffy and unflattering winter jacket and a fresh coat of lip gloss]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now I'm Having Fun.

I found my old layout and am having *way* too much fun playing with it.
Right now I've made it look like a bag of skittles threw up on my blog.  I like it.

Don't worry, it will calm down again soon.  And more than likely I will post a better banner for the top.  Just plain text just is NOT me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks, Dad.

I don't mean this in a cruel way but my Dad sucks at being a Dad.  He just does.  I mean, no fault laid, it's just the truth.  It would be like me becoming an accountant or something - to a degree I'd make it by, but overall I would be horrible.  It would be a terrible position for me to be in.

Over a year ago my Mom passed away, a void that is still very real in my life to this day.  Sometimes I wonder how her absence has affected my Dad.  Mostly I just think that his naggy housekeeper is gone, or more correctly is now my sister.  Yes, there are other things that have affected him, I'm sure, but overall he just seems so blind to anything that doesn't directly benefit him in some way.

A puppy.  My Dad has a puppy that he kept tied up in the backyard when she needed to go potty.  Recently he decided that tying her out front would be better.  Honestly, it's just because he stacked a bunch of crap in the backyard that created an obstacle coarse of sorts to try to get to the leash...so, instead of cleaning, the front yard made more sense.

I asked him so many times to *please* be careful of the chestnut tree that I've been growing out there - waiting for the day when I would have a place of my own to plant it in.  In my heart I pictured the hubby and some kiddos playing by this tree for years to come.  More recently it just became the link between me and a memory of my Mom.  I've long given up on the dreams I used to have, so just hoping for a place of my own and a yard to plant it in was all I wanted.

About 5 or 6 years ago my Mom and I were pulling weeds in the back of her house and one 'weed' was actually connected to chestnut.  We laughed and planted it out front, hoping for the best.  The little tree thrived.  This past summer it was about a foot high and had several branches and leaves.

Last night, I fought back tears as I saw (for sure) that despite my pleads, my Dad tied the untrained dog in the front yard.  It's too late.  The tree that my Mom and I planted is now just about an inch tall nub that has been eaten to the ground.  It's gone and there is nothing that I can do about it.  I am so hurt.  I am so mad.  I am so upset. 

Me: (fighting back tears) She ate the whole tree. 
Dad:  (rolling his eyes - because he knew it, and I know he also felt a tiny bit sorry)
Me: It's gone.  I have taken care of that tree for years.
Dad:  Well, it wouldn't have matured in your lifetime.
Me:  That's not the point - my Mom and me planted that tree!
Dad: Well...

Then I left, and cried as I don't cry in front of people.

I think I'm forbidden to have nice things in my life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things You May Have Missed...

- The Packers and the Steelers are in the Superbowl.

- Oprah has a half sister, as well as an obvious grudge against her Mom (judging by the awkwardness of their interactions on yesterdays show)

- My nails are white with little multi-colored butterflies on them.

- I have an 'office' calendar with daily quotes on it.  It makes my days at work so much nicer.

- I am in a wedding in like 4 months and I still need to find a dress and pray that I wake up skinny.

- My hat is amazing, but I'm only wearing it because I didn't want to take a shower this morning.

- Beans, my cat, is hyper today.  He knocked Areba (my 19 year old cat) over about 3 times first thing this morning, and when I went in to the living room he'd already knocked about 10 dvds off the shelf that he's not allowed on.

- It's 9:45AM and I'm drinking a Mt. Dew already. 

This is going to be a GREAT day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Superbowl XLV, Baby!

I have been away for far too long.  Also, I do not like this blog layout.  I must remedy this...well...at some point.

Yesterday I watched my boys beat the #1 seed to make their way to the Superbowl.  It was an up and down ride that's for sure.  They were kicking poor Jay Cutler's butt the whole first half until a mysterious knee injury got him pulled from the game.  After two horrible runs with the backup qb, Lovie Smith put in qb number three.  Number THREE, in the most important game of the YEAR.  This game decides whether or not you are the champions of your division - Jay Cutler is a baby.  All that aside, this actually proved to be a good move by Lovie; the Bears went on to score 14 points for what was *almost* a tie game. 

Oh, did I forget to mention the big guy that my team had out?

BJ Raji.  The "Freezer" intercepted a pass and ran it in for the touchdown that won us the title of NFC Conference Champs!

Today I am wearing my new Packers sweatshirt that I went out and purchased after the game.  I was hoping for a hat like the one Rodgers was wearing in the locker room, but Dick's was sold out of 200 in less than an hour! 

The Packers are facing off against the Steelers in Dallas on Feb. 6th.  The Steelers are a great team and that, my friends, should prove to be an amazing game!