Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another NANOWRIMO Underway...

Failing to update you on my amazing weekend away, I have stopped in to say a quick 'hello' to my dear friends. 


I'm knee deep in procrastinating guilt at my lack of writing thus far this November.  Life has kept me busy indeed.  I'm now 6,000 words into my month.  At this point I *should* be crossing word 28,339 off my board.  Crap!

Rest assured that I am thinking about my blogging shortcomings and wishing that I had time to type more, but I simply do not!

I leave you with these small tidbits of life:

- half and half can be subbed for "heavy cream" in recipes.

- gas prices are going up and I am extremely poor

- I had mini corn dogs for dinner last night, and I love it.

- Learning lessons is something I fail at, seeing as TWICE this week alone I've been caught singing (rather loudly) by my neighbor.

- The shop vac I want is $37.99 at True Value.  I cannot afford that.  The nice lady there told me it's $19.99 on sale the week after Thanksgiving.  Holler!

- The lady at Walgreens always makes me smile.  When I walk in she's always like, " HAAAAY GIRL!"  I spelled 'hey' with an 'a' to give you full affect.

- Is is 'affect' or 'effect'?  Flippin' heck, I will NEVER learn the difference between the two!

- I watched a tutorial on how to do 60s still bridal (hair) buns.  It may be my "new" hairstyle.  We'll see.

- A friend is crashing on my couch for the next two nights.

- Beans is adorable as ever. 

- Ivy is a feisty little talkfest, but she's super cuddly at night and I love that.

- The nights are coming faster these days.

- I ran out of chap stick the other day, so I used olive oil.

I guess that's it!  My brain shut off.  I hope it kicks back on in a bit.  I need to get my word count up!
Three of the previous four sentences began with the word "I".  Man, "I" must be full of myself!


Alesa Warcan said...

You know what they say, an I for an I. : j

"I" for one am glad to hear you are doing alright, and that beans hasn't devoured you (or accidentally smothered you) in your sleep yet. That what they do while sleep... That and roll boulders under tables.

Think of it like this, when you're dealing with cause and effect (results), it's written "effect";

when you're dealing with an affectation, or people with affected manners, it's affect (aka pretending)...
Or it can mean influencing, as in new information will affect the judge's decision.

Hopefully this small explanation will affect how you perceive affect and effect. I'm hoping this explanation will have a positive effect.... and that my understanding of these words is more than just an affectation on my part.: j

Tina said...

I totally get the whole "haaaay" thing. It would have lost it's effect if you would have wrote "heeeey" and two: I still don't know what NANOWRIMO stands for, I just know that you do it.

Gas is going down in Racine. Move here. Ha!

Heidi said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I will cut/copy/paste your definitions so that I can FINALLY learn these things!!!!

I really do appreciate it!

Tina, you're going to laugh when you hear what it stand for. Why? Because it's simple!




Easy as pie!

TinaMarie says said...

You're right. That was easy. I was imagining something waaaaay more complex. Weird.