Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanna Come Dig Me Out?

I live in Wisconsin.  Winter's in Wisconsin are legit; they don't mess around.  They also aren't as harsh as *some* places can be.  I'm an odd-ball, I enjoy the winter.  I love the cold, the fresh fallen snow, nights spent inside of a warm house whilst sipping cocoa and watching the snow dance it's way to the earth below.  Enter last night's news:  a blizzard is heading our way.  By Wednesday night we could have up to 30 inches of snow!  No. Lie.  My bet is 12-18 inches but we will see.  All I know is that for this lady that means a LOT of shoveling will be happening in the next three days.  Ug.

Maybe I should go for a walk tonight and try to find a sexy man in his rugged snow-pants and flirt like crazy.  Odds are that he'll have a snow-blower, right?  He'd LOVE to rescue (me) the damsel in distress, right??

Why haven't I thought of this before!!!  [puts on super puffy and unflattering winter jacket and a fresh coat of lip gloss]


Alesa Warcan said...

That sounds like an expensive solution... It might be more cost effective to coerce a neighbourhood teenager with a handfull of pennies and a promise of magic cookies? ; j
Perhaps less fun though...