Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eyebrows and BLTs

Straight from work last night I drove myself to the snobby Hair Salon that is on my way home. Don't get me wrong, they're great people. In fact I have gotten my hair done several times there. I buy my hair products and my OPI nail polish from them. I guess I just still feel a bit out of place, knowing that the very moment that I walk through the door I am surrounded by people who are pretty darn vain. All of them are beautiful. All of them have perfect skin. All of them have the money to afford what keeps them looking that way. Whereas for me, it's a treat.

They are sweet though. I just can't hide my Payless Shoes and Old Navy purse in the sea of Coach bags and Manolo Blahniks.

Whatever, I don't have time or energy to feed into insecurity. So I walked my hairy-browed face up to the counter and was brought back to the "spa" area. What the crap? It's just as cool as what you see on tv. Everythings so white! I laid down and had my eyebrows waxed for the first time. I've always used NADS and done it myself so this was a treat. A treat because I'm too lazy to maintain at the moment, let's be honest!

Yeah, I'm hot. I know it. I can't help it. I went to a small diner in town straight after. It's the place where I go to write. It's the place that I walk in and all the waitresses know that I don't want coffee at the moment, I want Pepsi. As I walked back to my favorite booth all eyes were on me. Was it because of the puffy red raised skin around my brows that had just been waxed? Heck no! Of course not. I'm just THAT hot. It's difficult being me. It's hard being really really ridiculously good looking.

I smiled and settled my weary bones onto the hard wooden bench. I pulled out my notepad and began to pen some entertaining quips for my book. The fries weren't great. But the BLT was to die for.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Body, Thanks For the Reminder!

I haven't been written nearly as much as I should. Not just on here, mind you, I'm speaking generally. This has been a year of rediscovery for me. One in which I actually haven't given myself a moment to sit and actually figure things out. I have however gotten fat. Soooo, that's awesome.

I gave up on maintaining my eyebrows many moons ago. When one makes a choice such as this, they often do not think about the fact that the odds of someone snapping close up pictures of their face are pretty high. Yeah, well, I spent the weekend at a lock-in with a bunch of kids from the Youth Group that I help lead. It was a blast. However, now there are dozens of pictures of me and my fat mug with giant eyebrows (that look like centipedes) on my face. Sweet! Thank God I'm secure and just don't care. But now I'm considering for the first time ever getting my eyebrows done at a professional. If I come out with ridiculously tiny, heinous, eyebrows - I'll be pissed. More pissed than Kanye West when Taylor Swift beat Beyonce out for best video.

Dodgeball is a so fun. I'm not gonna lie. I love it. I played so many freaking physically active games this weekend that every muscle inside of my body aches. "13 Going on 30" could've been such a different movie had it explained how the crap you deal with growing up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life on the Lamb

To say that the year 2009 has bit the big one for me would be an understatement. A very large understatement. It has been one thing after another. And, although I'm not complaining or saying that my life is difficult compared to anyone else's, I will say that I'm just tired.

In other news, Patrick Swayze's book that he wrote with his wife is really great. I'm getting to know a whole different side of the guy I had a crush on for 20 years.

So, it's been a month or so since I last posted. Give or take some time, I guess, I didn't really look to see. I guess blogging in that time would have been a fun thing for you guys to read. In short, I got cyber-bullied, harrassed, accused of threats, visited by a detective and banned from a certain local jewelry store here in town. If I go there, I will be arrested. Good times. Although, I "have done absolutely nothing wrong" - as the Detective stated.

Life is so amazingly fun, you don't even know. Well, Lily Cate knows, but the rest of you probably don't! Let's just say that our Grewenow Girls Reunion this year will be filled with awesome tales of life in our lovely city!

Also, my car's exhaust bit the big one - $150+ to get that fixed.
Then my phone kicked it - another $150 to replace that bad boy. With a pink girly one with flowers on it and an entire keyboard because I'm now a texter.
And ALL of that in the month I SHOULD have been finding a place and moving out.

October. My favorite month of the year and I haven't even gotten to properly enjoy it yet. Where are my haunted houses, scary movies, hot apple ciders, pumpkin farms, hay rides, etc...? There's still time!