Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No T.V. and no Internet

I now live in my storybook house.  The previous dwellers referred to it as their 'Gingerbread' house.  Maybe I'll use that phrase too.  The house is great.  It's very quiet, and very lovely.  Like me.  Or not.  Only problem is that I can't afford cable or Internet at the moment.  I'm still sorting those issues out.  Internet is more of a need in my book, as I can watch most shows from there anyway these days. 

Having said that, I trekked out to Wal*Mart for 'rabbit ears' the other night.  Twenty bucks.  My project, soon enough, will be to hook those bad boys (along with the converter box) up.  In the meantime, I watch DVDs.  I have completed Season One of 'Fringe', and Season Two of 'Project Runway'.  Next up is the first half of Season One of 'Glee'.  Oh yes, I am that cool.  Hard to believe.

This week all the hype is over the fact that soda *may* contribute to cancer.  Really?  Wow.  Shocking.  *as I pop open my Pepsi and toss my empty Dr. Pepper can into the trash*   It's not that I throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, it's just that pretty much anything that you do, or don't do, these days, causes cancer.  Well, guess what?  My odds of cancer or something else incredibly random are pretty high.  That just tells me that I have to do what I think is right for my body - and in all things, attempt for moderation.

These are times when being rich would be nice.  As if I have the money to buy fresh organic fruits and veggies and meats all the time anyway.  Besides, organic?  I mean, don't the people harvesting that crap still peeing the fields as they work, just like the ones with the pesticides do?  I don't know, I digress...

As the white snow continues to layer itself outside, I look forward to an evening of cooking and cleaning.  I am odd and I know that.  I have excepted this, please do the same.  Last night I cleaned the toilet.  I find great joy in cleaning bathrooms.  Mine.  I should clarify that I like cleaning my OWN bathrooms.  Love. It.  Now that that is done, I will sort through old clothes and makes some homemade Zuppa Tuscana soup tonight.

I absolutely love the quiet peace of staying "in" on a snowy night.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Painting Project

I have two weeks to complete a mural project on a wall in Racine.  The deadline totally instituted by myself.  I work best under a bit of pressure.  This is my first mural on my own.  Should be fun.  We'll see how it goes.