Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Packing For A Trip

This weekend was jam packed and full of excitement.  The horses were lined up, the gun has been fired and "Dove" is running full steam ahead. 

For those of you unaware of what "Dove" is, it is a movie that my cousin and her husband have written and been working tirelessly on.  All of the pre-production details such as; casting, planning shoots, rewrites and so on finally took form this Saturday with the first official production meeting.  I got to meet the actors and sit in on the plans etc.  I'll be the tagalong picture taker and general I'm-here-so-what-do-you-need-me-to-do gal! Ha!  I love this stuff.  I love the hours of behind the scene stuff - the stuff that normal people get bored with. 

Here's my plug.  "September Son Films", check it out.  "Dove" begins filming next month.

In other news, I just ate some jalepeno salsa.  I didn't think it was very hot, but evidently I got a drop of it just below my lipline.  It's currently burning a hole in my face.  Internally, I'm good.  Externally, not so much. 

Fatty two by four had McDonalds for breakfast.  I'm not gonna lie, it was good.  Whenever I eat breakfast there, though, I find that my body feels like there is a brick in my stomach and I lose any hunger for most of the rest of the day.  Heh, maybe it's a good diet option for me...

Went to the Bucks playoff game last night.  And the crowd was nuts.  Great game, and I scored a free coffee from McDonalds today because they scored over 100 points...shoot, I better remember to get that.

For the record, Mike Bibby is hot.  True story.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Art

by Heidi Ervin (for Jesus)

When I laugh the sound fills your heart with joy
it leaps when I look at you
In your eyes I am beautiful.

Though fear may enter my heart, it flees when you are near
I find comfort in being held by you.
You make me feel beautiful.

In a crowded room your ears are tuned to me
and You never tire of listening.
My voice is beautiful to you.

Your heart breaks with every teardrop I shed
you pull me close with tears welling in your own eyes.
Still you look at me and see me beautiful.

In every accomplishment that I make you are there beside me cheering me on
you compliment and care for  the giftings in my life.
Because of You they are beautiful.

When I am with you and near to your side I never feel lacking, alone, or out of place
You are where I belong.
You  look at me and believe that I am beautiful.

You always long to be near me, to spend time with me
You wait for me even when I do not ask.
Our time together is beautiful.

Hopes, dreams, heartache and laughter,
we share every hurt, pain, and joy
What we have is beautiful.

You pray for me and sing over me.
You are my comfort and delight.
My soul finds its purpose and belonging in You.
You wrap me in your arms and hold me close.
You are Beautiful.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


- I'm large.  I wouldn't say extra-large, but who are we kidding here, I'm large.

- I have a new addiction, butterflies.  No, I am not catching or studying the creatures.  I am wearing them.  I just started making this homemade clippy dealy things with a feather butterfly on them.  I shall wear a butterfly practically every day this Summer.  Simply because.

- Greenberg was a good flick.

- I got my blood taken for the first time ever today.  I'm still alive, thus far.  I might kick-it later though.  Not sure yet.

- Mango gum is nasty.  I keep chewing it, but it doesn't make me like it more - it just pisses me off and reminds me that I forgot to put the mint gum back into my purse.

- Road trip to Cali soon.  Holla!

- In approximately 30 minutes my largest dream of today will come true...NAPTIME!  I have a meeting at 7 and it's a half hour from home.  But my body is fighting a SUPER crappy cold and makes me want to SLEEP!!!

I wonder if my arm will be bruised tomorrow...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Six Feet From the Edge...

Ever have those lines from songs that just pop out at you like a sore thumb?  Not always in a bad way, mind you, but at times in a way that you identify with on a soul level?  I can recall singing (for the 100th time) a song on the radio, when all of the sudden, ♪♫♪ "How many times can I break till I shatter?"...♪♫♪  played and hit me like a ton of bricks.  At that moment in time I deeply identified with a lyric that I'd casually repeated dozens of times before.

I'm sure it is crazy of me to admit this, but quite often I feel as if my life is a movie.  At times I even could tell you what song is/would-be playing in the background of this "scene".  I know, I'm nuts.

Last night I was watching an episode of "Six Feet Under".  In this scene two older women, sisters, are having a fight that the audience understands to be a deeply rooted issue going back many years.  The main character in the show, Ruth, is attacking her sister for being free-spirited and artsy, while she (Ruth) was forced to play the role of becoming a wife and Mother and raising a family, etc.  And finally, in an all out verbal vomit of sorts, the sister confesses her envy of the life that Ruth had - and we discover that she herself was never able to have the children she so desperately wanted. 

And this line stuck with me;  "I surround myself with people who have talent that I will never realize."

The past few episodes of the show have made me wonder about my life - and then they were followed by this one, and this line.  Ironic.  I can't say I'm fully ready to unpack this sentence...nor do I really feel like I fully get it yet.  But as a single woman, who more than likely will die alone.  I have to assess what my life really stands for and what I invest my time into.  Is my life making an impact?  I think so.  But how?  Is it ironic that the closest bonded friendships I have or that I am in the process of forming, are married women?  And married women with children, to top it off!

"I surround myself with people who have talent that I will never realize."

In one respect I think it's always best to surround yourself with people who will push you to grow.  If you are always the one advising others, or helping others along...then are you really growing or going forward yourself?  But then again, when you really stop to realize it...isn't it a sick sort of torture as well?

These are just my random thoughts...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It feels as if it has been years since my last roadtrip.  I miss the view from the road; the pit stops, the music, the fun, the adventure.  And so, after a very long wait, I have finally reached one of my roadtrips months of 2010! 

In 29 days I will be on the road and heading to California!  First stop, Denver, CO.  My sister and I will stay with our friend and her family for the night and then head to Vegas.  I'm hoping to maybe get to our cousin's new place in the Mountains of CO, but we'll see.  It would be great to see her new home.  From Vegas to L.A., and from L.A. up the coast to Sacramento - where my brother lives.  A three or four day roadtrip adventure to sunny Sacramento.  We'll stay there for 4 or 5 days (one of which will be spent in Yosemite National Park) and then we'll fly home.

There is nothing more thrilling to me than having *something* big to look forward to.  Bring on April!!!!!

Crap, that reminds me.   I have to pay rent today.