Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Friday Facts

There are a lot of things about each of us that are very unique. ‘Unique’ is meant in a good way, friends. If I was saying there are things about each of us that are weird, well, I’d take the cake for the ‘weird’ category!

It’s Friday (an ‘odd’ not ‘even’ day – don’t ask) and I’m feeling a little reflective. I think I will vent some oddities about myself.

• Baby Ruth, never tried one.

• I like odd numbers, not evens.

• Days of the week associate with odd or even for me, and the order makes no sense. Also, they are subject to change whenever. However, Tuesdays are always ‘even’ days; Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are always ‘odd’ days.

• If a penny is laying on the ground tails up, I will never pick it up. If a penny is laying on the ground heads up, I will go out of my way to pick it up.

• I have never been on a proper roller coaster.

• I like the taste of nacho cheese Doritos just moments after eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

• I write fan letters to celebrities. I use children’s handwriting because it ups the odds that I’ll get an autograph in return.

• When staying at hotels I will take all things that are ‘free’. It’s the first thing that I do. I rarely ever use them while actually ‘in’ the hotel.

• I can’t wait to kiss someone in the rain. I think it’s pretty romantic. Maybe it’s just me though, I have a thing for walking in the rain and splashing in puddles.

• I have never stolen anything from a store before, although a couple of years ago I bought a piece of luggage that I loved but was way overpriced. I subsequently returned said item but I kept the tag. I now have a fancy luggage tag on my crappy suitcase that every time I see it reminds me of my evil deed.

• Many of my coworkers hunt; deer, buffalo, elk, you name it they hunt it. I think the idea of eating deer is disgusting. Yes, I know that this makes no rational sense. I am a meat and potatoes girl but the thought of deer…I mean…it’s BAMBI! Anyway, after much teasing, I tried some stew this week that was made with deer meat. I tried it in front of all the guys that tease me. I ate it, and I said I will still never eat deer meat again.

• I often find it funny when married Mom’s with 2,3,4 plus children complain that single people have it so much easier. Hmm. Who put a gun to your head and made you keep making babies, sunshine? The grass is always greener.

• So many people lack imagination. I am drawn to people who can tap in to their inner child and still make-believe.

• I don’t like mushrooms or tomatoes. I do love ketchup and salsa though – but don’t try to tell me that I should like tomatoes because of this, ‘cause you’d be mistaken.

• When I was little I used to be up the boys that lived on my block. I didn’t do it because I was butch or a tomboy, I did it because I was older. I made them pay my friend Amie and I fees sometimes to be in our club. Those fees went straight to candy bars for Amie and I.

• Still to this day when I put stuffed animals into plastic bags I make sure that they will be able to get fresh air to breathe.

• My hair is growing out of the last hair dye job that I did. The red was supposed to wash out over a month ago. It has not. I’m in a wedding in June and I have no idea what I want to do with it.

• I am wearing camouflage today. You cannot see me.


Alesa Warcan said...

As long as we can eat it afterwards, taking the cake isn't so bad.

Sequentially, it makes perfect sense to have your cake and eat it.

It's the idiosyncrasies small and large that make us interesting. : j

I had a baby ruth during my last trip in the US. Hadn't had one since I was a child and had forgotten what they tasted like... Was ok... But we could totally do better ourselves!

TinaMarie says said...

your hair must hold color well or something... lucky duck.

Elle trayne said...

Dear Laura,

Friends forever.


Dakota Fanning

Idea stolen from me.

Heidi said...

The kid writing idea was from my sister. But I totally started the autograph craze. ;)

Mohamed Mughal said...

What autographs have you managed to get? Hang in there; one day soon, you'll get that kiss in the rain :)

Heidi said...

Mohamed, thanks! I'll hold out hope for my kiss in the rain! :)

As for autographs, let's see: Bill Cosby, some footballs players, Ray Romano, Morgan Freeman, Kat Von D...

Sarah said...

I have an episode of Friends to show you.