Friday, September 2, 2011


I logged on to Blogger to write something amazing. 
I ended up getting distracted by updates from friends about their adventures; coupled with beautiful pictures of their babies and daily lives.  In short, total distraction.

I cut my own bangs last night.  Feeling adventurous I googled "how to cut your own bangs" and then I went and did it.  Success.  I mean, I like them anyway.

Also, my baby girl has been "fixed". 
Now she lounges around waiting for her repairs to heal.

Admit it, she's freaking adorable.  She can't help it, she was made that way.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Friends!  I'm suffering from poor-dom, so my plans are to remain at home watching "Sex and the City" and writing Saturday and Monday.  Sunday I will emerge from my caccoon for church and work but that's about it.

Any fun "goings on" in your life this holiday break?