Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanna Come Dig Me Out?

I live in Wisconsin.  Winter's in Wisconsin are legit; they don't mess around.  They also aren't as harsh as *some* places can be.  I'm an odd-ball, I enjoy the winter.  I love the cold, the fresh fallen snow, nights spent inside of a warm house whilst sipping cocoa and watching the snow dance it's way to the earth below.  Enter last night's news:  a blizzard is heading our way.  By Wednesday night we could have up to 30 inches of snow!  No. Lie.  My bet is 12-18 inches but we will see.  All I know is that for this lady that means a LOT of shoveling will be happening in the next three days.  Ug.

Maybe I should go for a walk tonight and try to find a sexy man in his rugged snow-pants and flirt like crazy.  Odds are that he'll have a snow-blower, right?  He'd LOVE to rescue (me) the damsel in distress, right??

Why haven't I thought of this before!!!  [puts on super puffy and unflattering winter jacket and a fresh coat of lip gloss]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now I'm Having Fun.

I found my old layout and am having *way* too much fun playing with it.
Right now I've made it look like a bag of skittles threw up on my blog.  I like it.

Don't worry, it will calm down again soon.  And more than likely I will post a better banner for the top.  Just plain text just is NOT me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks, Dad.

I don't mean this in a cruel way but my Dad sucks at being a Dad.  He just does.  I mean, no fault laid, it's just the truth.  It would be like me becoming an accountant or something - to a degree I'd make it by, but overall I would be horrible.  It would be a terrible position for me to be in.

Over a year ago my Mom passed away, a void that is still very real in my life to this day.  Sometimes I wonder how her absence has affected my Dad.  Mostly I just think that his naggy housekeeper is gone, or more correctly is now my sister.  Yes, there are other things that have affected him, I'm sure, but overall he just seems so blind to anything that doesn't directly benefit him in some way.

A puppy.  My Dad has a puppy that he kept tied up in the backyard when she needed to go potty.  Recently he decided that tying her out front would be better.  Honestly, it's just because he stacked a bunch of crap in the backyard that created an obstacle coarse of sorts to try to get to the, instead of cleaning, the front yard made more sense.

I asked him so many times to *please* be careful of the chestnut tree that I've been growing out there - waiting for the day when I would have a place of my own to plant it in.  In my heart I pictured the hubby and some kiddos playing by this tree for years to come.  More recently it just became the link between me and a memory of my Mom.  I've long given up on the dreams I used to have, so just hoping for a place of my own and a yard to plant it in was all I wanted.

About 5 or 6 years ago my Mom and I were pulling weeds in the back of her house and one 'weed' was actually connected to chestnut.  We laughed and planted it out front, hoping for the best.  The little tree thrived.  This past summer it was about a foot high and had several branches and leaves.

Last night, I fought back tears as I saw (for sure) that despite my pleads, my Dad tied the untrained dog in the front yard.  It's too late.  The tree that my Mom and I planted is now just about an inch tall nub that has been eaten to the ground.  It's gone and there is nothing that I can do about it.  I am so hurt.  I am so mad.  I am so upset. 

Me: (fighting back tears) She ate the whole tree. 
Dad:  (rolling his eyes - because he knew it, and I know he also felt a tiny bit sorry)
Me: It's gone.  I have taken care of that tree for years.
Dad:  Well, it wouldn't have matured in your lifetime.
Me:  That's not the point - my Mom and me planted that tree!
Dad: Well...

Then I left, and cried as I don't cry in front of people.

I think I'm forbidden to have nice things in my life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things You May Have Missed...

- The Packers and the Steelers are in the Superbowl.

- Oprah has a half sister, as well as an obvious grudge against her Mom (judging by the awkwardness of their interactions on yesterdays show)

- My nails are white with little multi-colored butterflies on them.

- I have an 'office' calendar with daily quotes on it.  It makes my days at work so much nicer.

- I am in a wedding in like 4 months and I still need to find a dress and pray that I wake up skinny.

- My hat is amazing, but I'm only wearing it because I didn't want to take a shower this morning.

- Beans, my cat, is hyper today.  He knocked Areba (my 19 year old cat) over about 3 times first thing this morning, and when I went in to the living room he'd already knocked about 10 dvds off the shelf that he's not allowed on.

- It's 9:45AM and I'm drinking a Mt. Dew already. 

This is going to be a GREAT day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Superbowl XLV, Baby!

I have been away for far too long.  Also, I do not like this blog layout.  I must remedy some point.

Yesterday I watched my boys beat the #1 seed to make their way to the Superbowl.  It was an up and down ride that's for sure.  They were kicking poor Jay Cutler's butt the whole first half until a mysterious knee injury got him pulled from the game.  After two horrible runs with the backup qb, Lovie Smith put in qb number three.  Number THREE, in the most important game of the YEAR.  This game decides whether or not you are the champions of your division - Jay Cutler is a baby.  All that aside, this actually proved to be a good move by Lovie; the Bears went on to score 14 points for what was *almost* a tie game. 

Oh, did I forget to mention the big guy that my team had out?

BJ Raji.  The "Freezer" intercepted a pass and ran it in for the touchdown that won us the title of NFC Conference Champs!

Today I am wearing my new Packers sweatshirt that I went out and purchased after the game.  I was hoping for a hat like the one Rodgers was wearing in the locker room, but Dick's was sold out of 200 in less than an hour! 

The Packers are facing off against the Steelers in Dallas on Feb. 6th.  The Steelers are a great team and that, my friends, should prove to be an amazing game!