Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger Hates Me!

I'm not even sure if this will post, as Blogger and the Internet world at large seems to hate me.

Hello Friends!  I'm still alive - still writing, eating, reading and being sarcastic.  I assure you, I am still very much alive and kickin'!  Through a weird twist of fate the email address that I use for this blog has been shut down.  No reason given at all.  I only found out through a series of events, as it is my least used email account.  At any rate, blogger now wants me to prove it's my email address, which I cannot because it's gone!  On top of that, to change my email address for my blog, I must first verify that I am in fact myself...through an email, you guessed it, sent to my OLD ACCOUNT!

It is a headache that I have not even been able to *begin* to address because my intro to the summer months has been an incredibly busy one!  Hopefully in the weeks ahead I will have time to sort this all out and return to posts as normal.

I randomly was allowed 'on' today, so I hope this posts.  I feared that perhaps you felt abandoned.

I am here.  Everything will be OK.

So, how've you been?


Alesa Warcan said...

Aloha! Sorry to hear about your blogger problems.
There have been some of those going around... I hope google support fixes it up for you.
On the other hand, it's nice to hear from you and to read that you're ok.
Things have been quiet over here, got back from a week long holiday during which we road tripped. Fun times. : j
Take care.