Monday, February 14, 2011

Mt. Dew Monday

(this photo borrowed from

Many people will be writing about or thinking about one thing today.  As for me, I'm thinking about bed; as in sleep.  I had a fun and very un-sleep-filled weekend.  Today I suffer for that.  I already drank an energy drink to no avail.  I'm on a diet Mt. Dew at the moment and it seems to be doing no better.  Instead I can almost hear the clock ticking slower and slower towards the inevitable freedom that 5 o'clock brings.  All I have to do is return some shoes to Sears and go home.  Once home I will sort clothing like a ninja and bring some stuff over to my sister's house.  At that point I shall return home, watch the Bachelor and go to BED!  My body is fighting off a cold and CRAVING sleep.  My longing for sleep is probably most comparable to a crack addict suffering withdrawal and jonesing for their next high.  My high; sleep.  My method; a chamomile sleep aid and my comfy, comfy bed.


For the love of all that is good in this world, 5 PM, HURRY UP!


Alesa Warcan said...

Sweet dreams sweetheart!
Done in my best Jimmy Stewart impression.. Or is it Martha Stewart? Somewhere in between. : j

Heidi said...

I totally read that as Jimmy Stewart...and then Martha crept in. Weird. Made me giggle. Also it was perfect timing because I told my friend last night that I think I have a food crush on Martha. I get her FOOD magazine every other month and this month's is right up my alley! At any rate, I went to bed early last night and other than the 4 times I woke up (starting at 1AM), it was nice to get lots of sleep in!

Elle trayne said...

I hate "jonesing"