Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Packing For A Trip

This weekend was jam packed and full of excitement.  The horses were lined up, the gun has been fired and "Dove" is running full steam ahead. 

For those of you unaware of what "Dove" is, it is a movie that my cousin and her husband have written and been working tirelessly on.  All of the pre-production details such as; casting, planning shoots, rewrites and so on finally took form this Saturday with the first official production meeting.  I got to meet the actors and sit in on the plans etc.  I'll be the tagalong picture taker and general I'm-here-so-what-do-you-need-me-to-do gal! Ha!  I love this stuff.  I love the hours of behind the scene stuff - the stuff that normal people get bored with. 

Here's my plug.  "September Son Films", check it out.  "Dove" begins filming next month.

In other news, I just ate some jalepeno salsa.  I didn't think it was very hot, but evidently I got a drop of it just below my lipline.  It's currently burning a hole in my face.  Internally, I'm good.  Externally, not so much. 

Fatty two by four had McDonalds for breakfast.  I'm not gonna lie, it was good.  Whenever I eat breakfast there, though, I find that my body feels like there is a brick in my stomach and I lose any hunger for most of the rest of the day.  Heh, maybe it's a good diet option for me...

Went to the Bucks playoff game last night.  And the crowd was nuts.  Great game, and I scored a free coffee from McDonalds today because they scored over 100 points...shoot, I better remember to get that.

For the record, Mike Bibby is hot.  True story.


Alesa Warcan said...

Sounds like a great time! Except having a capsicum hole in your face, of course.

Yes, it's me. said...

I know, right!? Ha ha ha!

BeeKay said...

I'm so excited about your trip! Also, playoff basketball game? Awesome. Also also: McDonalds breakfast sounds great to me right now.