Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Art

by Heidi Ervin (for Jesus)

When I laugh the sound fills your heart with joy
it leaps when I look at you
In your eyes I am beautiful.

Though fear may enter my heart, it flees when you are near
I find comfort in being held by you.
You make me feel beautiful.

In a crowded room your ears are tuned to me
and You never tire of listening.
My voice is beautiful to you.

Your heart breaks with every teardrop I shed
you pull me close with tears welling in your own eyes.
Still you look at me and see me beautiful.

In every accomplishment that I make you are there beside me cheering me on
you compliment and care for  the giftings in my life.
Because of You they are beautiful.

When I am with you and near to your side I never feel lacking, alone, or out of place
You are where I belong.
You  look at me and believe that I am beautiful.

You always long to be near me, to spend time with me
You wait for me even when I do not ask.
Our time together is beautiful.

Hopes, dreams, heartache and laughter,
we share every hurt, pain, and joy
What we have is beautiful.

You pray for me and sing over me.
You are my comfort and delight.
My soul finds its purpose and belonging in You.
You wrap me in your arms and hold me close.
You are Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

This translates over your backdrop so radiantly. I'm loving what happened here... and am hoping to show you something of substance soon. xo - Linds