Friday, May 11, 2012

Thing 20

Try a new local hot spot.

I live in what, at one point, was known as a small town.  It's over 100,000 people now so I think "small town" is a far cry from what we've now become.  Having said that, an Irish Pub opened up in my town several years ago.  It's possible that from previous posts you may recall that I'm part Irish, and am very proud of this fact.  It's a travesty that years have passed and I've never stopped in.

A few weekends ago two of my amigos, which along with me make up the "Grewenow Summit", were in town for a Saturday evening.  Through messages and back-and-forth whittling through a list of eatery options, we ended up at this Irish Pub.

Have I mention how incredibly odd it was that I'd never stopped in prior to this???  The place was hopping with life.  There was a party in the back with this little girl dressed like a bride - still don't fully get what that was about.  The bar was peppered with mid-twenties to late-thirties, while tables that filled the rest of the place were being used by everyone from babies to Grandparents.  There even was a moment of running in to good friends who were also enjoying the atmosphere at a table of their own.  It was the "place to be", it seemed.

Of course I have no pictures because it wasn't until a day or so later that I realized I'd done a "thing"!   But rest assured, I'm sold.  All of us were well satisfied with our meals and drinks.  My pot roast was a thing of beauty; dripping in gravy and line with potatoes and asparagus decorating the edge of my plate.  Washed down with a nice cold pear cider.


I am so hungry right now.


Asteff said...

Cool! Got to be a part of your list!

Lily Cate said...

Hey, I awarded you an award.

Heidi said...

An award!? Sweet!