Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thing 19

Go to a movie alone.  Order popcorn and soda.

Done and done.

I'm one of those rare people who actually enjoys sitting through films all by my lonesome; this challenge was easy for me.  What was NOT easy for me was spending ungodly amounts of money on a medium drink and a junior popcorn!

The movie I saw was "The Lucky One".  Gag me, right?  I'm a lover of romantic movies, typically NOT those of Nicholas Sparks, however, I gave this one a try.  And you know what?  I didn't hate it.


I'd post a picture of my ticket stub, but I lost it.  I could only find my stub from the re-release of Casablanca on the big screen, which I attended two weeks ago.  Now that is a great flick!


Alesa Warcan said...

Here's looking at you kid. : j

I never really got the point of going to the movies with someone... It's not as if a film is something you do cooperatively...

Heidi said...

Here, here! I'm an absolute movie loner. Meaning, I actually prefer to go them alone. Sure it's fun, sometimes, to got with big it's not. I like the freedom in it. I like not waiting on someone; finding my own seat, settling in, eating and drinking what I want to drink, and best of all...NO ONE TALKS TO ME DURING THE FILM!!!!!

Talking during movies drives me crazy. And the people I typically go with are those who think they are whispering, when in reality it's a hushed talk. ANNOYING! Also, a friend I usually attend movies with usually has to pee every half hour. Are you kidding me? AND, she checks her phone non-stop. She likes to keep on top of how far into the movie we are etc. THAT is info I don't want to know. It pulls you right out of the "movie" experience.

A few paragraphs later and I sum it up with your observation:

"It's not as if a film is something you do cooperatively..."