Monday, May 7, 2012

Thing 18

Spend too much money on something you can't really afford but think is fabulous!

The blog world and I have been a little distant lately so now I'm forced to play a bit of catch-up.

Like 70% of Americans, I'm currently living paycheck to paycheck.  It appears to be my lot in life, so I don't complain about it, I just live with it!  I've never been on a "vacation" as most people would view them; as my trips are typically to visit family or friends, not laying on a beach somewhere exotic and beautiful.  So when I looked at my year on the calendar and saw that the only "big" thing I had planned was my family reunion, I needed to spend money I didn't have on something that I'd love.  Something I'd really look forward to.

So I did.

I scrounged and saved, and honestly didn't buy groceries for two weeks, in order to by myself the limited edition Kandee Johnson bag.  It's something I loved.  It's something I wanted.  It's something that took me over a month to GET! 

It was worth it.  I am now the proud owner of this very rare bag.

THIS is the highlight of my year!

THIS is my fabulous thing.  My sister hates it.  I adore it.


Tina said...

wait a minute.... is that animal print?

BeeKay said...

Bret and Jemaine look on with jealousy.

Heidi said...

B, you speak the truth.

Tina, of course! I mean, after all, it's ME we're talking about here.

Tina said...

True story.