Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Going On Around Here?

The time span of Oct. 2007 to Oct. 2008 was, quite honestly, one of my best years ever; followed by (or perhaps led by) 1998-1999 - when I lived in St. Louis. Having said that, I was well aware for the whole of that time that things in my life were, well, good! I regularly looked at all of the aspects of my life and realized that I was blessed and was walking in the reality of those blessings daily. But, like all things in life - eventually they come to an end.

So, for your entertainment; I bring you the "Heidi Highlights" that perhaps you've missed over the past 4 months. You're going to love this!

**Mom got a "cold".

**My frog, Andre, dies.

**My Aunt Lu (Dad's sister) dies.

**Laura's cat, Vache (aka my niece) got sick

**The day before Thanksgiving Vache, my cat's sister, died.

**Thanksgiving day; I had the flu, Laura went to Geno's, my mom was sicky with an ear infection and what we thought may be pneumonia, my Dad ate Thanksgiving meal in the living room, alone - I was upstairs sleeping, feeling absolutely horrible, and my mom was on the computer in her room.

**Flat tire at work.

**Roommate issues that result in a mandatory meeting with the people who oversee the house.

**Two days later, my mom gets immediately checked in to the hospital for low platelets and anemia.

**The following day I am scheduled to leave for a wedding in TN. Even though it's clear that it may be cancer, the family decides I should go.

**Return flight is delayed for over 3 hours in Nashville - unloaded and reloaded etc. Lot's of sketchy things with that flight, including the ice storm we flew in to and thought we may crash. Awesome.

**Drive home in ice storm, only to find out my mom has cancer and is beginning chemo.

**Arrive home at midnight to find a flat tire on my car, in a freezing ice storm - same tire I just had fixed.

**People come to fix my car and completely ruin my car key - can't drive till Laura gives me her copy.

**Roommate has surgery and I take care of her and the every increasing snow - with no thanks, of course.

**Repeatedly have to shovel a space in the back for my car. My roommate had people volunteer to plow and shovel for her during the winter - apparently mentioning that the slab in the back had to be parked on was not important. Every snow emergency I had to shovel not only the fallen snow, but the snow that was plowed into that spot - with no help of course.

**Mom went to the hospital in Milwaukee. Visited almost daily, if not every other day...

**More roommate issues.

**Pulled over by the cops when I was trying to take pictures of trees in fog.

**Check engine light comes on in my car and had to get that checked out. Who has money to fix these things, or time? Not me.

**Dad enters deep depression - Laura and I have to worry about that.

**Stay the night in hospital with Mom the night before we get the worst news ever - in the middle of which the bed they gave me completely tried to break my back and crashed my head onto the floor.

**Mom came home to die.

**Flat tire across the street from my parents house in yet another freakin' snow storm.

**Constant calls from people "needing" of me and my time for the most trivial of issues, in light of what I was facing...

**Mom catches infection - Laura and I spend every minute with her right up until she goes to be with the Lord.

**Funeral planning, finances and other festivities.

**My mom's funeral.

**My Dad, brother, that I get the flu - seriously?

**Inform roommate I'll be out by March 1st.

**Begin moving stuff immediately after Mom dies - who wants to even touch her stuff yet? It still smells of her... but I now am forced to haul my crap into the dining room during lunch times.

**Good friend Eddie's cancer gets worse.

**Eddie's dad dies

**I'm completely behind and swamped at work.

**Massive roommate issues that result in my family intervening and cousins, aunt and sister help move all of my belongings (apart from large items) into random bags and boxes (completely unorganized) into my cousins basement - just to get me out of there.

**Just complete drama with living situations - completely not needed in light of the fact that MY MOM JUST DIED!!!!!!

**Oh, then today at lunch Laura and I went to bring baked goods and thank you cards to the people in Kenosha who took care of my mother before she died. Afterwards we got lunch... I broke a tooth while eating a salad and had to get it fixed - $227 later I am wondering what the crap is going on!


chen said...

barn's burnt. now I can see the moon.

Hi-D said...

Ha! Tell me about it! I'm just thinking that the rest of 2009 should be a breeze!