Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleeping With the Enemy

As if my life hasn't been jam-packed with enough fun times already this year - now I'm faced with the continuing saga of roommate issues. I've done my best to cover my roommate and just deal with things as they come and go, but these past few weeks have been a whole new adventure that I am struggling daily to deal with.

When my Mother realized the gravity of her diagnosis, she began to plan ahead and take care of things in advance for her family. One of those loose ends being the finances; which caused her to ask me that if she were to die, would I please move home for a short time. Of course I said "yes".

I'm 29 years old. I have been out of my parents house for over a decade now. It's not the thrill of my life to move home with my Dad, but it's a needed move and that is what family does for each other. On top of that, my Mother just went to be with the Lord - I've got a few things going on right now; wouldn't you say?

Let's just say that after this experience, I'd much rather (after leaving my parent's whenever that may be) live alone with a cat and a dog and no people ever again. Although, according to friends at work, my future husband may not be delighted in the fact that I'd ask him to get his own place. We'll just worry about that when the time comes, I suppose!

I do not like to paint people in bad light, nor do I ever want to be known as a gossip; so the issues we've had I have not shared. So let's just talk about one of my all time favorite movies; "Sleeping With the Enemy".

Remember this one? Laura (Julia Roberts) is married to a charming man who provides the world for her. Only, we come to discover that this man is a total abusive control-freak of a man. Laura's only hope is to plan her escape and to get the heck out of Dodge.

She has to get as far away from this man as possible.

Success is hers! Laura establishes a new life, meets an amazing theatre guy - with beautiful 80s hair, and she begins to settle in to her new life. Albeit a bit jumpy, she starts to realize that there are nice people in the world who will love her and care for her...and let her steal apples from their yard to make pies.

Could Mr. Nightmare ever reappear?

Yes. And how does she discover this? Well, by the towels, at first!

Ah the towels. She takes pride in the fact that life need not be "perfected" any more - and that is precisely when she notices that her towels are straightened!

Running to the kitchen, she flings open the cupboard only to reveal....*gasp*....that everything is organized to perfection!

At that point the scary music plays. The hero comes in to save her and get beat up; there are gun shots and Laura kills her husband. Then theatre man and Laura live, possibly, happily ever after.

Only, in my scenario there are no guns or anything nearly that dramatic. Well...take that back, there is a lot of drama, actually. And the few of you that read this are very aware that I am the least of the drama-filled lives that are out there. I love drama: aka, the theatre; but when it comes to drama in life, I tend to gravitate away from that.

Not so much these days - which is extremely taxing and frustrating to me. I mean, really. Really? Can't you give a girl a break? My Mother just died for cryin' out loud!

On top of all of that, I broke a tooth at lunch, while I was eating a salad. You're joking right? What is going on around here?


BeeKay said...

Whoa! Many new posts? How in the world did you break a tooth on salad?

I am a fan of living in my own place by myself, I have to say. But it's good to visit people a lot so you don't completely forget how to share. Ha.

Hi-D said...

Every single story that I have about living with my current roommate, Laura says - Brianne would love this story! So, I think that the next time you're in town or we meet somewhere...I'll have lots of laughs for you. Even better than Amie and her crazy boyfriend! lol