Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Chocolate Chip Muffin

I have made it through almost half of my work day, and as of now I'm not that tired. That's a bonus for me these days. My throat is a bit raw today; which has me thinking that I'd better not be getting this nasty chest cold that has be making it's way through the office.

I picked up a taco dip tray - small enough for me, myself, and I. It's from Pick-N-Save, so I know it will be salty but I'm not too concerned about that. I also picked up a 4 pack of Chocolate Chip Muffins. The first one is gone already and it was amazing.

Nothing new to report today. I wrote five or six thank-you cards last night, and sighed as I viewed this list of possibly a hundred plus that still must be sent. When life gets too tiring, we now cure that with a bit of Rockband 2. Although, I didn't play last night. Laura did and I watched and typed away on my pink laptop. I'm still a bit nervous about something that needs to be handled and I'm not sure how it will be. I received the meanest most character attacking email ever a few days ago, and I'm waiting to see how it will pan out - all the while I am wondering what the heck I have ever done to make someone so angry with me.

Apparently I'm only nice and respectful to people that I love and care about. Otherwise, I'm just a complete jerk and don't give a crap about you. That's news to me. I thought I was pretty nice, but apparently that is not the case.

Taco dip calls to me from the refrigerator.
A chocolate chip muffin cries out to be devoured.
The clock keeps ticking, and I keep typing.
Oh the joys that a weekend will bring...


BeeKay said...

I love that poem. Fantastic. I also have a cold and have worked 46 hours this week though it's not yet Friday. My woes do not compare to yours, but I too await the weekend.

Lily Cate said...

Aww, Heidi!
Come on over and play Scrabble with me some day. (I always lose :P)

chen said...

mean people are mean.
(it's their problem.)