Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eccentric Whirlwind

I have the name of a character, and perhaps the title, of a children's book! Normally it is the story that floats around my brain and causes characters to develop. This time, however, I saw the name and it stemmed from there. Now the question is when will I do something about it? When will I sit down and write it out and develop the story?

My whole life is changing and I continue to find myself in a whirlwind of unknowns. I hate it.

I am a person who doesn't love predictability per say, yet now I am in such absolute unpredictability that I find myself almost longing to be just a "normal", boring, person.

Tonight is mine. I will stay home. When I get home from work I will put my PJ's on and work on labeling, folding, stuffing, sealing and sorting the 150 letters, cards and 'hugs' cards my mother asked me to do for her. I purpose to get it finished, finally.

After that I have a date with LOST.

Maybe I'll write a bit?

Sleep sounds the best though.........


chen said...

I swear I wrote something here the other day ago. But it disappeared?

That title sounds kind of like my head!

Hi-D said...

I know! I thought the same thing! I posted it and then went to your site to see if you used that title and I just forgot and thought it was mine. Ha!

Lily Cate said...

hey, you're writing? That's so awesome!!
What kind of book? Picture book? Novel?

If you want to write for kids, go to and hit the message boards. Wonderful people, wonderful advice. They will always answer your questions, and there's great comraderie and support.

Also, I find I have a hard time posting comments if I'm not logged in to my own blog, first... huh.