Thursday, February 9, 2012


Japanese for: a sigh; deep breath

That's how my week is going.  Not that I have anything to complain about; it's just life.  My taxes have been filed so I no longer need to plain out how I'm going to get that done.  And I still have leftover ribs from yesterday.  Double bonus!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my childhood friendships.  Perhaps I mentioned that on a past blog, I'm pretty sure I did.  Anyway, I have been blessed with some serious characters in my life.  As I sat in my house last night and thought about how much I'd love someone to help me organize the chaos of my dining room, the only person I could settle on wanting was my childhood best friend, Naomi.

You see, I was a messy kid.  My room was a pigsty.  I couldn't keep that thing cleaned and organized ever.  And I mean EVER.  When I was 8 my Mother had a bone marrow transplant and as a result she couldn't be around dust or germs AT ALL, during her recovery.  I came home to an empty house.  Other than books and a few toys that could be washed and saved, everything was packed in the garage or attic, or it had been thrown out or taken by the family and friends who cleaned the house for us - including pictures, which sucks because I know that a lot of pictures from before that time were split among other people...meaning, I missed out on a lot of historical pictures of my family.  Whatever, point being, I had pretty much nothing.  We started over.  Sometimes life does that to you.

As a kid you accumulate a lot.  I brought things home, was given things, was handed down things...I wasn't lacking.  I may never have had new things, but I had "things" none the less!  And some of those "things" I still have to this day.  Yikes.

Some people are good at purging belongings.  I fail at this.  Maybe it's because I wasn't given the chose 24 years ago, but I refuse to use that as a crutch.  I have moved 6 or 7 times in my adult life.  Prior to that, in my dependant life (read: the first 18 years on earth) we never moved house.  My parents got married and LIVED in the house that my Dad still resides at.  That's a lot of crap build up!  And now, 14 years after I first left my parent's home, I now am getting all of my junk in one place.  It's finally ready to be sorted through.

Where do you even start?

That's where Naomi would be great.  She ROCKED at this sort of thing.  Any time that I was grounded and couldn't go outside till my room was clean, Naomi was the friend that came over and did it for me!  No lie.  What kind of jerk friend was I?  I did the cooking, Naomi did the organizing and we both did the washing.  That's a true friend.

Now I get home at the end of a long day and the last thing I want to deal with is a box that contains everything from random candles and notes, to journals and random bits of paper.  I hate it.  It's the thorn in my side.  It's that THING in your life that you want dealt with but you don't want to deal with it! 


How did this rabbit trail even start?  I have no clue!

What I DO know, is that I need to get Dawson's Creek over to my friend's house tonight.  She needs Season 4, stat!  And no, it's not Naomi that needs it.


Lily Cate said...

Well, I happen to live with the World Champion of Throwing Stuff Out, and you can borrow him anytime :)

I have my theories that his obsession with getting rid of things comes from moving every year (really, every single year when he was little. He never got to keep or accumulate anything.
But once, when they moved, they got to live on an aircraft carrier for a week between San Diego and Seattle (or the other way around.)

Also, I don't have any of your photos. Promise.

E.J. Wesley said...

Why do I feel like this going to end up on an episode of Hoarders at some point? :)

New follower of your blog... lots of fun around this joint!

Heidi said...

Welcome E.J.! Don't worry, I swear I will not end up on Hoarders. Although...I *do* love the show... (cue the dun dun duuuuun)

Tina said...

This may be weird, but I actually like the word Tameiki as a name.

Heidi said...

My Mother named her dog "Selah". It was a purebread so it was actually "Selah of Psalms" but whatevs. Point being, "Selah" was a musical term in Bible times. It's meant to "pause; to reflect". All that to say, Tameiki, wouldn't be a bad name!