Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Soldier Wrote Me!

Way back in the beginning of January I blogged about writing to "Any Soldier".  You can read more on that here.  

Well folks, I've heard back!  Real mail is so much fun.  When I looked in the mail slot and saw the handwritten envelope marked "FREE MAIL" I knew right away what it was.  I resisted all excitement within me that wanted to rip open the envelope and read the letter right then and there.  Instead, I waited till I was sitting on my couch, ready to meet my new friend.

I'm really happy to have heard back from my soldier.  It looks as though we will be able to communicate via email now - my have the times changed!

I think the only blow I got to my happiness was by my good friend's question "so, is this like gonna be a friend?  Or could it be something else?"  It was like a punch in the stomache.  You see, when I first sent my letter to a random soldier, I had a guy friend basically say the same thing only more in a teasing fashion, like, "I know what that means!"  Really?  REALLY?  Does anyone even know me?  After the response yesterday I just flat out said that I find that really offensive.  I don't do nice things with a hidden agenda.  For all anyone knows my soldier is a woman!  It really bothers me that writing a soldier means I'm trying to pick someone up.  Right, 'cause someone stationed in a dangerous area is so much more appealing than someone I could find in my everyday life.  Not saying it doesn't happen but...well...yes I am, for me!  ha!

Laying all those rude comments aside, I have a penpal and I'm really thrilled!

"Thing 1" = success!


Tina said...

So, it's an anonymous letter?

Alesa Warcan said...

Grats... So how does your soldier sound?
I wonder if that reflects on how they view and interact with the world.

Heidi said...

My soldier sounds nice. He's a he, for the record. I guess I'll put it out there. ;) Tina, my letter was sent to "Any Soldier" which means that the Commander (or whatever they are called) of the given group my letter ended up at decided who to hand the letter to. Usually it's someone who doesn't recieve a lot of mail from home. From that point it's up to the soldier whether they respond or not. After all, they're pretty busy.

Alesa, my guy sounds cool. He's about my age and it sounds like he's been in the service for a long time. He's a paratrooper - and I think I spelled that wrong.

It's so strange picturing soldiers out in the middle of a desert typing emails.

Mutzie said...

ugh that would bother me too, whatever happened to just wanting to make friends? >_<

Heidi said...

I know!
There always has to be an angle nowadays.