Monday, January 16, 2012

Thing 3

Make a snow angel in my pjs.

Last Thursday night was our first "big" snow of the season.  Two months from now a snow like that one will be child's play; lame and not a big deal.  But seeing as it's mid-January and we're just now seeing white on the ground, it's pretty exciting.

After a long day at work, I had safely made it home in the storm and parked myself in for the night.  I ate dinner and bundled up in preparation for shoveling the sidewalks.  After spending enough time huffing and puffing outdoors, the walkways were cleared and I locked myself in the house to thaw out.  A bath sounded perfect right then.  So that is precisely what I did; I drew an incredibly hot bath and plopped myself in, melting back to room temperature.

About an hour later, there I was on the couch; every muscle in my body relaxed and ready for bed.  Glancing over to my left I noticed that my phone was lit up.  Text messages from Mel.  Picture messages.  One by one pictures of her in her pjs gearing up and heading outside flooded my screen until finally I "got" it.  She had made a snow angel in her pjs!  One more "thing" done!  DANGIT!

I was SO relaxed! And WARM.

Me:  I just took a bath and am all relaxed.
Mel:  It's the first snow!  I JUST TOOK A BATH TOO!!!!
Me:  Dangit!

At spas you pay big money to go from hot to cold.  Here in WI, you go from your bathroom to your front yard!

Here it is, #79 on our list; my third "thing"...

                              ... DONE!

A few words from the wise(er):
  1.  tie your hair back.  My long hair froze solid/stiff.  It was pretty comical.
  2.  have a fried take your picture, it's very difficult to get decent pictures of yourself in a FLATTERING manner, while making an angel...
  3. Live life and ENJOY it!  Do things that force yourself to look stupid once in awhile!

(You can imagine how awesome I found it that a police car was in the background of this shot!)


Alesa Warcan said...

Nuthin' like jammin' in the snow in your jammies!
...Or so I would imagine, at any rate. I don't own PJs. : p

Ha, I suppose that if I were to make a snow angel in my sleeping attire I'd give the cops a reason to stop! ; j

Heidi said...

HA HA HA! Oh my gosh, that's AWESOME!

Heidi said...

I just tried again to post on your Quest For Gold blog, it still won't load on my screen. I won't give up - it will work one of these days! :)

Alesa Warcan said...

Quest for gold? That would be really uncharacteristic of me: I'm not a gold digger, I have always prioritized food over lucre. No doubt that's why I'm not in the fortune 500 group; on the flip side I can bake a mean cake! Mwahahah. ; j

I have two blogs, "part gilt part gold" and "questing for food"...
Just so that you know, comments are off on questing for food!
When the visitor count dropped to zero, I gave in to what I wanted to do in the first place.

So, supposing that you're having trouble commenting on part gilt part gold, do you have trouble on any other blogs? Or is it just mine? If you have the same problem with other blogs, check out this google support thread:

Heidi said...

I'm laughing so hard at myself right now. Even as I typed the name I thought to myself "Man, this doesn't sound right."

I haven't had any trouble posting on other blogs. I think the computer just randomly picks on me. Hopefully it will clear up. I'm not sure which titled blog it is. But I was trying to comment on the one with the videos, not the one with the rad story! ;)

BeeKay said...

That first snow angel photo is so good. It perfectly captures the scene.