Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Hitting Me Already...

My blog background is boring me. [yawns]  I miss my funky girl.  I have this looming feeling that she will return.  In fact, truth be told, after I got rid of her I spent an hour looking for her again.  I found her and when I did it was like a piece of home.  That background makes me think of my blog.  It's happy thoughts.  I think when she returns I will just have to do a bunch more html coding and tweaking before I am totally happy.  Seriously, this happens every time.

I may try on a few more outfits before I totally commit.  I'm a girl.  It's my right.

I need color.  If not bright splashes, I at least need pinks and black.  Man, way back in the day I had thee most awesome xanga background.  I changed it, lost it, and still miss it.  I don't even use xanga anymore.  I don't even think that I know what email address I used or my password for it.

Let's try it out! Please sit tight while I attempt to find my old blog....

Dude, this is awesome:  "Hi stopdropandrollyo! It's been 2429 (wow, that's a big number) days since you joined Xanga... Please support us by joining Xanga Premium."

Apparently I left the xanga world a few weeks after my Mom passed away.  It seems like yesterday that my Mom died, yet an eternity since I've looked at Xanga.  Strange.

Well, here she is; my xanga.  I actually remembered my name AND password.  Jeepers, I had a ton of privacy settings on that beezy.  I think you should be able to see it though, I'm pretty sure it's public now.

Wow, blast from the past; I spent an unbelievable amount of time on that website.  That was before facebook dominated my time online.  Things were so much more simple in those days...  kidding! 

Another fun fact: I started xanga right after my friend Pam passed away.  Seems like a big death in my life has twice now brought me down a new blogging road.  Interesting.  Let's find something else interesting.  How about an old post from a younger me:

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

If stupid Carrie wins American Idol - I'll be pissed.
Only a little over a month till I move. I can't wait! I am soo over living above my stupid drug dealing neighbors. Other than them, I love my apartment.
Random. I'm absolutely random today.
Toilet paper.

How ironic that I just mentioned needing pinks and blacks on my background - if it's not the girl.  My xanga is exactly that!  Creature of habit, that's what I am.

HA!  Thursday June 9, 2005 went a little like this:  Michael (Jackson) is innocent!  and Tom Cruise is molesting Katie Holmes!  LET GO OF HER!!!!! RUN, KATIE....RUN!

Time to eat some chicken wings and drink some soda.  Good times.  Good. Times.


Tina said...

Haha! Frog licker, eh? I seem to have forgotten that expertise about you.... :)


Heidi said...

I laughed at that too!