Monday, January 9, 2012

Change is good


I have done enough  "changing" to my blog for one day.  2012 has brought with it the determination in me to "clean house", so to speak, and I have begun by changing my blog.  I feel like a girl who has been playing with her Mom's makeup; my face was full of a mess colors and emotions and then...I washed it all off.  It was actually sort of sad for me to say farewell to my old layout.  Those of you that have been around for awhile know that I have been really attached to it for several years now.  Well, today I said good bye.  And much like a dramatic 'bon voyage' on the last day of school, I took a picture to remember it by.

I still love the picture, but there is something very 'emo' about it; something that speaks of sadness and darkness.  Ironically, that's never what I saw in the picture.  I saw a young girl who was herself.  And that young girl was looking out over the city/world at what lays ahead in life - with hope.  But that all changed recently.

Viewing my blog from a fresh set of eyes I came to realize that it may give off a more troubled feel; a feel which is the exact opposite of me.  I'm a determined person; sure of who I am and where I stand.  What I love about the picture is that I am that girl (in a sense), looking at the world with hope, faith, and a little dab of child-like imagination.  But none of that changes how others could view it, and in my heart I know it is time to move on.  *cue the break-up music*

fade to black... END SCENE

It was a tear jerker there for a moment wasn't it?
Carry on.  Let it out. 

Now, get yourself a tissue and clean up your face.  It's hard to read when you're all emotional like you are.  C'mon, get it together because now comes the happy bit:

[from a black screen the sun begins to rise.  birds flutter about and happy music follows suit.]

With faith I look forward to the road ahead.  I press on, quite like I did in Jr. High; when my Mom visited school and caught me in the hallway with black cherry lipstick on and I realized that it was time to grow up.  I washed it off, not because I was in trouble; I honestly don't even believe that my Mom ever said anything about my horrific "expressive" makeup, rather, I recall it as a moment where I felt just a little silly, and therfore I made the decision to grow up.  It's time.  It's time for a fresh start.  It is time to wash off the technicolor dream coat and begin anew.

Cheers to new beginnings in your lives this year! 

Now, let's hope I find a background that I don't hate in two days and have to change... and change... and change again.  'Cause I am definitely that girl.


Alesa Warcan said...

Hmm... Well, your previous layout struck as more personal and it had a slight YA book cover feel to it.
Your new layout does feel more adult by conventional standards, but it also feels bit more generic.
That said, I reckon what really counts is contents, and you deliver on that front. : j

Heidi said...

I agree! I'll probably want it back soon. I think my layout is kind of boring at the moment. I'm a colorful girl, living life without splashes of color seems...weird.