Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 Things for 2012

I'm not one for "New Years Resolutions". To me they are lofty, and somewhat unattainable, goals designed simply to mess you up. They set you up to fail. "52 Things" is something I'd like to do to beat those New Years pressures, yet allow a little fun into my everyday (read: mundane) life.

It's the challenge of a short-term, year long, "Bucket List" of sorts.

52, is the number of weeks in one year.

52, is the number of challenges I'd like to dominant, document and be proud of.

I didn't want to embark on this list on my own, so I invited my friend Mel to join me.  Asking her was way easier than I thought, she actually got just as excited about it as I was!  And so we set out to make a combined list of "things".  The month of December we brainstormed and then, by the beginning of January, we had our final list of the items we can choose from throughout this year.  All in all I believe we have over 120 challenges on the list.  And they are, by nature, attainable!  What's more encouraging than that?  I mean, sure, I could stand to lose at least 50 lbs right now, but why put pressure on myself to do it - only to be disappointed if I don't?  I don't operate that way.  When I decide to go for it, I will.  Until then, I refuse to become a person to yo-yo diets or works out.  I'm  just not wired that way.  But, if I do decide (randomly) to make wiser choices and drop weight - bonus!  If not, well, there's just more of me to love.   *smiles*

This isn't meant to create pressure. If a week goes by where we cross absolutely nothing off our or lists, well, do extra another week. Or, wait till the last day and do "52 Things" all at once!  Who cares?

I entered 2012, yet again, single.  Big surprise to my followers right?  I had the choice to be like Bridget Jones and sing 'All By Myself' while eating ice cream and crying like a sissy girl, or take a stand, dust myself off, and....live.  I chose the latter.  I refuse to let my status in life dictate who I am.  It may dictate who I am to 'other' people, but that's on them, not me.  If it bothers other people that I'm not married, it doesn't have to bother me.  I want Mr. Right to fall in love with the real me; the adventurous, fun-loving, hilarious, and unbridled me.  Not some chick who sits home feeling sorry for herself.  Not that I was that way anyway, that's not the point, but you know what I mean? 

2012 is a year for adventures for this girl.  A year of making fun of life, having fun with life, and enjoying the ups and downs life carries.  I can't afford to take vacations - I've never actually had a *real* vacation anyway, but I can afford to find out how to squeeze excitement out of the little that I do have. 

What about you?  Do you have any goals for this year that you are looking forward to?  Any books that have been sitting on your shelf waiting to be read? 


Tina said...

I assume you will be making weekly updates then of your adventures as they happen? yes?



Can't think of sentence but...

FACT: It is a french name, I googled it.

Heidi said...

My intent is to keep up to date. If my friends actually enjoy hearing about my life, who am I to stand in their way? ;)

Heidi said...

Side Question: Do you like the sunset picture? It's over alcatraz in San Francisco from last year.

I love California.

Alesa Warcan said...

Goalless and directionless as ever, I try to live each present moment as best as I can so that they may accumulate to a form a better future.
The shortsighted idiot's path to enlightenment. ; j

Gambatte with your new project.

Heidi said...

Thank you, Alesa! It will be an interesting year, that's for sure!

Lily Cate said...

We made a list of goals on New Years Eve and put them up on the living room wall.
Mine involved writing (of course), by myself and with the son.*
The son's involved going to 12 parks, and having a Wii party.
Ben's involved making more movies, by himself and with the son.

* almost done with the first new manuscript of the year :)

Tina said...

yes, love the pic!