Thursday, August 19, 2010


"I'm sorry", is being extended to my fellow bloggers that I've fallen behind in keeping up with.  It's not out of anything but the chaos of life that has kept me from your blog - the little window I have into the world in which you live.  It's just difficult without having internet at home.  Also, I've begun a lot of side projects as well and they eat up my time just as quickly as my little kitten slams his wet food.

Beans (my baby boy) and Areba (my teenaged girl) are tolerating each other.  Well, to be honest, Areba tolerates Beans.  Beans just wants to pounce on and play with Areba.  Areba, however, being 18 and the queen, just growls and slams him to the floor to put him in his place.  Then, two seconds later (and in true A.D.D. kitten fashion) Beans is after her again.  It's our own little cycle that we've got going at my place.  It's keeps me entertained and on my toes for sure!

Still no car.  Still not rich.  Still no internet.

Tomorrow I go in for a blood test.  I'm a bit nervous, but am praying that 1.) the nurse is nice and gentle.  and 2.) that the test goes well and all of my counts or whatever they fully test for, is normal.  It's a lot to hope for in the family that I come from....but really, I'm hoping (more specifically) that kidney counts are normal.

Crap.  I need to find a way to get to the doctor tomorrow....

My sister made potato salad and brought me some.  Hello, Breakfast!  I know, I'm weird.  But admit it, that's why you like me.  Ha!


Alesa Warcan said...

No worries!

Side projects? Anything fun?

Huh, here I was thinking that I I liked you for your intelligence, humor, and literacy- Hmm.

Come to think of it, those traits ARE unusual! Furthermore, unusual and weird can be synonyms so... I guess you're right! : j

Heidi said...


Side projects: helping a friend sort out life in the midst of moving cross-country, housing her in the process (love you Carrie!), 365 photo project on Flickr, sorting through a literal MOUNTAIN of junk in my home, and of course just the fun of regular life MINUS a car.

You *thought* you knew why you liked me, little did you know the TRUE reason. Hee hee!