Monday, January 25, 2010

New Post. New Background. New Year.

I've been lackadaisical with my posts this year. In England they'd call it lacksadaisy. Or maybe that's just my friend, Olivia. Could be. After all, I found great joy in teaching her ghetto slang, pickup lines, and saying Fanny May - just to see her turn three shades of red.

Today I've decided to clean the blog slate and begin my year. However, my lack of Internet at my new place is extremely *not* helpful! Please bear with me through the process.

My car window was smashed in Saturday night. Made for a wonderful, albeit RAINY, Sunday morning. My seat is soaking wet. My car was coated inside with a layer of tiny bits and pieces of glass. Awesome. But, just over 24 hours later, Beatrice is whole again and now I focus on the fact that I need brakes and am broke. Thank you, to the punk that smashed my window for absolutely no reason.

Could it be a jaded lover?.... A jealous ex?.... A story fitting for Lifetime?

No. It's me. Random act of violence. I like to consider it as a hate crime.

I mean, I hated it.


Yes, it's me. said...

I have tried everything to get this stupid comment box to work. Why must you be angry with me Blogger???

Yes, it's me. said...

Trying different things...

Lily Cate said...

wow it worked!
I liked your last background. That was tiiiiiight.

Yes, it's me. said...

Hopefully the comments still work, because now I am BACK to the old...well...old NEW, background! Sassy!!