Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - Here I Come!!!!

And with a dramatic entrance, I welcome the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Ten. With this welcoming I ask myself the question of the decade; do I commit to join the band of jovial humans who insist on pronouncing it as 'Twenty-Ten'? Or, do I stick to my guns and hang on to actually saying the number correctly?

I think I'm going with the latter. If anyone calls me on it, I think I may have to start saying; "The year of our Lord, two-thousand and ten." Every. Time.

Happy New Year, friends!


Lily Cate said...

What the heck, are you censoring me or something?
I swear I posted a reply here, and it's... not here now.

I have to throw in my hat for "twenty ten" because the other one is too long. Sorry.

Just Plain Heidi said...

Jury is still out for me, I guess. I mean, we're 14 days into the New Year and I actually haven't had to say either of them I don't think!

No censorship on this blog. The computer world must be taking it upon itself to censor at will.