Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow. You're Only A Day Away...

July 1st will be the 5 month anniversary of the day that my Mom went to be with the Lord. Weird. Most of the time it seems unreal. The rest of the time it seems to be getting increasingly harder to come to terms with the fact that THIS is life now. Life, minus Mom.

For two weeks I am house/dog-sitting in the ghetto of Kenosha. I'm not sure why, but I enjoy saying I'm staying in the ghetto. It sounds dramatic. Not that I'm saying it's funny or anything - after all, I am living just a few blocks from the spot that my good friend Marveard Role was shot and killed when we were 15. Just shy of High School. It's surreal in a way.

Duh, all that to say that I grabbed a journal to bring with me. A really fantastic leather bound, red one, that I used to write in, daily. I picked it up last night and began flipping through the last few entries.... life was so different. At one point I make note of the fact that my Mom wants to see it when I'm halfway through it, because we both are writers but NEVER complete journals! Well...she didn't live long enough to see me get to the middle. It's sort of haunting. Haunting in a way that makes me wonder if I should keep writing - actually finish this one? Or should I close it up and leave it site unfinished?

I miss my Mom.

In other news, I am leaving for Colorado in 11 days! Road trip with my cousin, Lance! We have SO much that we are packing in to our week long trip. Only a few "real" days actually IN Denver, but we are completely looking forward to the WHOLE experience. It should be fun.

In about a half-hour, I will start work on my Zuppa for the night. Freakin' yum.



Just Plain Heidi said...

Interesting that I posted that using my time-machine. It's after 5PM and it says 2:44PM. I'm pretty amazing. I must type so fast that I go backwards in time. Sweet.

BeeKay said...

OH holy crap, road trip. I love road trips! Will you be able to blog from the road? If not I look forward to tales upon your return.

Just Plain Heidi said...

I will plan on bringing my laptop and totally try to "Clarissa Explains it All"/"Doogie Howser M.D."/"Blossom" it! I cannot wait - this is an event-FULL month for me!

chen said...

Yes, yes, yes, let's hear it all.

Time will heal that mom-thing. I promise.
She's is surely delighting in the fact that you're writing, whether you fill up your journals or you leave them half empty. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

hey, What's up?
Marveard is my brother.