Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thing 14

Drink a beer.  (I hate beer)

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I am Irish, need I say more?

Okay, for sake of this being a blog and all, I’ll say more.  For as long as I can remember I have hated beer.  It’s not that I just “don’t like it”, no, it’s a totally “hate” relationship.  I added it to the list this year thinking that I’d have to drink one with my cousin’s during the Superbowl.  Alas, our team didn’t make it to the Superbowl, therefore, no beer.  Only one out of the four of us likes beer, so dropping it was a relief to say the least.  But then I realized, crap, it’s still on my list!

St. Patrick’s Day brought lots of people out to the bar across the street from my Dad’s house, and so I dragged my sister out to meet our good friends and some family.  Besides, the fire departments bagpipers were doing a pub crawl and one of the stops was this bar.  Bonus!

And so, after I filled up on corned beef, potatoes, carrots, and fresh rolls, I choked down a green beer and chased it with a lovely can of Dr. Pepper.  That will most assuredly be the only beer I partake of this year.  Back to hard lemonades, desert wines and shots.  Yep, I’m that kind of gal!

I hope that you enjoyed your weekends...  

...more than I enjoy beer!


BeeKay said...

We are united in beer hatred.

Heidi said...

I choked it down so well and by the last few drops in the cup, I was totally mind-over-mattering it. I swear it took everything in me, by the end, not to completely gag. Had it been warm, the picture may not have been pretty.

Note the popcorn (that looks like a broken tooth) in the last shot. I chase my beer with popcorn and Dr. Pepper. That's how I roll.