Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thing 5

Attend something totally small town-ish; a play, a talent show or an Elementary School Christmas program.

Friendship is massively important to me; it always has been and possibly always will be.  Blame my Mom, it's her fault, she's the one who named me; my middle name actually means 'Friend'.  So in reality, I really had no choice in the matter!  All that to say, an old friend of mine has been having a rough go of things lately.  She was diagnosed with Lupis back in our teens years (I believe) and now she is on dialysis, has found out that she has a few leaks/holes in her heart (which thankfully aren't concerning to the doctors) and is on the waiting list for a new kidney.

Last week I made it a point to get together with this old friend, as we have intended to for months now.  Sometimes you need to just halt the business of life and make it a point to get time with an old friend.  There's just something about those friends you had when you were growing up; they knew you at such formative times in life.  I always enjoy those friendships.  At any rate, we were texting in the morning and managed to squeeze in a dinner date to play catch-up.  It was fantastic - other than the hot wings that I got burning the crap out of my lips, but whatevs! Through our chat I found out that her daughter had gotten a role (as an orphan) in a local theatre production of Annie and the final two showings were that weekend. 

Of course I called my sidekick in my 52 Things adventure, and of course she was game!

So, on Friday night, when the partying singles go out clubbing and the non-partying singles sit at home watching romantic comedies in their pajamas, we headed out to the theatre. 

As with any local theatre production it had that small-town feel.  There were kids that didn't completely grasp proper blocking techniques.  Adorable little girls that looked like miniature Punky Brewsters.  Girls who knew their places so much that if someone tried to upstage them by standing in the wrong spot they'd pull them by the arm and guide them to where they were supposed to be. A real life Sandy who was thee best stage animal that I have ever seen in a live production.  And the woman who played Miss. Hannigan?  She absolutely stole the show! I'm not kidding you, her voice and theatrics mirrored Bette Midler; she was a riot!

By the time we'd snapped a few pictures and made it out the door both of us were asking ourselves why we didn't do these things more often?  We had so much fun and actually had gotten ourselves out of the house on a Friday night.  Oh, AND we got to support our friend's little girl in the process - double bonus! 

There is something about live theatre that really brings you back.  For me I was returned to childhood and reminded of how often we (as a family) were involved in supporting the local arts.  It's something I'm ready to return to.  I could see myself working on projects around the theatre in days ahead.  Chalk up another successful "Thing" that awakened something that has long been asleep in me - the theatre bug!


Tina said...

Coolness. I miss going to the theatre...

I'll be nice and not point a spelling boo boo.... I am so tempted though but I won't because I'm nice. But I'm glad you "has a nice time at the show." :P

WOTD: alito

I found alito spelling snafoo.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm done.

Tina said...

Dang it. I meant to put "point out"


Heidi said...

Ha ha! I don't mind corrections. Usually I find them amusing. All my NANOWRIMOs have screwed me for typos. I type faster than my brain can think and then my internal editor is out on a coffee break.

Heidi said...

besides, yo, you KNOWS I always has fun at the show!

Tina said...

You are so black. :)

Heidi said...

I can't help my roots. It's in my blood. Also, it's how I roll.

BeeKay said...

That sounds like fun! I'm loving your 52 Things. It seems like it's key to have a local partner in crime, though.