Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talullah Belle

Talullah Belle is my sister's baby kitten.  Toolbelt, as I refer to her, is just about to turn 5 months old.  I am the babysitter while my sister and her boyfriend are enjoying a California vacation.  Last night, the little punk got lots of extra love and attention from me; only to attempt to murder me moments later. 
There I was, standing in the kitchen as the little baby sat cutely on the floor watching me.  While gabbing on the phone my eyes met hers and she leaped straight into the air and at my chest.  It was only a moment before I realized how the heck she was standing, propped, on me - looking me in the eye.  The little kamikaze kitten had landed with her back claw *IN* my left ring finger. 

Picture it: my hand was at my side and now, like a child standing on a grown ups hands as if stirrups, the stupid cat had all it's weight on it's one leg and it's claw torn into my flippin' finger!?  How the crap does this stuff happen to ME?

Of course I didn't just drop her because I didn't want to hurt or scare her.  I picked the cat up by the scruff of the neck and pulled her out of my finger (all the while mildly cussing).  Then came blood.  So much blood. It hurt so bad that I kept whipping my hand to somehow stop the pain; only later did I find dozens of tiny blood spatters that I then needed to clean up.  I washed it; bactine'd it, and bandaged it - but only after the bleeding stopped.  There was a good 5 minutes or so of me holding bloody wet papertowels on it, applying pressure while keeping it above my head!

I now have an inch long gash in my finger.  It literally *could* have been stitched.  If I had superglue I would have used that.  For real.  I would have.  Instead I just keep airing it and putting a band-aid over it with some neosporine.  A gash and another claw hole.  Must have been two claws.  I kid you not.

So, that shot my plans for dying my hair last night, and showering.  Good times.


Mohamed Mughal said...

So sorry to learn of this (and surprised; does the cat regard you a stranger? ). Keep the cut clean and change the dressing when needed.

Gosh. She's lucky you're nice and not taking her for a drive to the humane society.

Did you inform/consult your sis? She should know.

Heidi said...

Hee hee, yes, I told my sister. Talullah's just a kitten and I own her brother, Beans. She totally didn't mean it to be vicious, she's just the highest jumping cat I've ever seen in my life. And the thing about her, she jumps when you're not at all expecting it. I bet she'll tame it down a notch once she's old enough to get "fixed". :)

As for the wound, thank you for the advice. I've been keeping it super clean and medicated to avoid infection.

Alesa Warcan said...

Cats... O_o

Talullah is going to be a curtain shredder unless your sister trains her. : j

Is it bears or cats that become killers once they get the taste of blood? (answer: neither)

I regularly get bloody scratches (not as deep as what happened to you) from horsing around with my cat... It hasn't come after me in my sleep yet, except for body heat of course.

Elle trayne said...

Talullah is not a curtain shredder, or a mutilator, just a jumper. She is a sweet, sweet girl, and I'm sure my sister did something to deserve this! : ) Or maybe she's just a bit dramatic! : )

Alesa Warcan said...

@elle: lol ^_^
So, you're saying it only jumps on to people? The curtains are safe, but bosoms and bare arms beware...

That said, I'm sure she's a lovely cat... We all have our little flaws, sometimes they add spice to life... And bleeding wounds! Whee. : j