Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Days, Drifting Away...

Ten Things:

1.  I'm behind in everything there is on earth right now.  Life shall return to normal soon.  My houseguest is leaving tomorrow.  (Farewell Carrie!  Also, get back on here and BLOG, Sister!)

2.  I have been eating way too much.  Having an out of State guest means frequenting all my favorite (read: FATTY) food joints in and around town.

3.  Beans' Doctor wasn't available for his 9 weeks appt yesterday, so I took the fill-in Lady.  Bad idea.  She gave him his 12 week shots instead of his 9 week ones.  I had nightmares last night about them calling me and telling me that they now needed to put him to sleep or something.  She's out today, which means I'll be worried all the way till tomorrow, when she calls, about it.

4.  My nail polish is old and I need to remove it and move on from there.

5.  I need to start eating wiser again.  Helpful that I have no money.  Maybe I'll just quit food all together! 

6.  Today is my Sister's cat's first birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLEMENTINE!!!  This is for you:  Enjoy!!!

7.  My photo project is going well.  It is, however, frustrating not to have the equipment that I'd love to have at my fingertips.

8.  I still do not have a car.

9.  I just ate a whole box of these frozen appetizer things.  It was good, but why did I eat that much?  Too full.  That's okay, I washed it down with a Snack Pack!  Ha!

10.  Taco Pies at my house tonight!  BOOM, BABY!


Lily Cate said...

Craft Night!!
I need to start knitting for Christmas.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Love this post- it says everything. :)


Alesa Warcan said...

Huh, I just googled taco pies. That looks like it has serious potential!

Oh hey, remember: "It's not what you have, it's what you do with it." ; j
You seem to be taking some pretty interesting pictures with what tools you already have!

Happy birthday Clementine! : j

Elle trayne said...

Girl! You had taco pies and did not inform me?!?!

Thanks for the shout out to Clem. She appreciates it. I'll have to check out the link.

Elle trayne said...

We just watched it. I held her on my lap and cuddled her and sang with! She thanks you for your tribute!