Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Ten Thoughts for This Monday Morning

1.  I hate mosquitoes.  I have over 50 bites from right about my ankles downward.  That is insane.  I am like crack for those devil beasts.

2.  After-Bite works well, but burns like heck!  That is probably my own fault, though, for scratching the crap out of my feet.

3.  I need to drink more water.  I was doing good, but then I got lazy about it.  Now I'm back.  I've almost finished a Liter so far this morning.

4.  I was treading water deciding what dvds to start watching now.  Movies are great and all, but I haven't had TV (as previously stated in numerous blogs. Yes.  I know.) in 7 months.  I like watching series.  So, now I have restarted Gilmore Girls.  I began on Saturday night and am already halfway through Season One.  Good times.

5.  I need a nap.  Actually, I just need sleep and to not be woken up by a punk kitten.  Beans is such a little boy.  He's begun chewing my hair in the night.  He leaves is bed and stalks over to my head and starts chewing on my hair and playing with it.  What a weirdo.

6.  Wet food.  Areba needs wet food and I keep forgetting to stop for some.  I'm a horrible mother.  I need to treat her, seeing as she's putting up with a baby boy in HER house these days!

7.  Carrie, my out-of-town guest is coming back tomorrow.  I need to make some plans to show of the city and surrounding areas...

8.  Zuppa Tuscana sounds so good to me right now.  I need to make some this week.

9.  The car hunt continues.  And as such, I wonder why I am the "lucky" person who never has movie-like things happen to them.  Like, where is my rich uncle who wants to take care of me?  Where is my dead benefactor whose left me more money than I could possibly spend in this lifetime?  Where is my knight in shining armor?  Actually, I'd settle for the Prince from "Sleeping Beauty".  At least he could sing and dance.

10.  I am really enjoying my project 365.  Maybe I should put a picture or two on here every once in awhile?  Man, if I was really smart, I bet there is a way to link that photo album from Flickr to here.  Alas, I have little to no skills whatsoever!


Alesa Warcan said...

You might find tiger balm soothing for your skeeter bites.

In the design tab of blogger, click on "add a gadget", then type "Flickr Photostream" into the search field, you should only get one result, click on that, and then just follow the prompts. : j

Heidi said...

You are the most helpful person EVER! Thank you!!! :)

Alesa Warcan said...

You're very welcome. : j