Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fireworks and Fried Chicken

The Fourth of July weekend has come and passed, taking with it one of the very few three day weekends that I get off of work.  A busy three days for sure.  The heat was one thing, but the air so thick that I could set my drink down on it...well, that was just too much.

When you don't have a car you realize how much better actually having a car in your world is.  I walked around the city, sweating my butt off, in order to get my tasks done.  In the upper 80s.  In extremely high humidity.  At one point, I kid you not, I was ready to throw in the towel, lay down in the middle of the side-street that I was trekking on, and die.  Someone would find my dried out body later in the day.  They'd kick at what had now become just a pile of sand and they'd wonder where the hell that mess had come from.

And now "....♪♫♪ All we are is dust in the wind..."  is in my head.  Thank you, 'Kansas'.

I operate like a movie with a soundtrack.  Let me just say that my soundtrack is awesome.  However, you cannot buy it.  It doesn't exist.

Other than the suffering of the sun as I tried to trim the hedges; briefly, before I absolutely quit, showered and passed out - the weekend was pretty decent.  The fireworks were on the 3rd.  Apparently because having the fireworks (intended to celebrate Independence) on the actual DAY is just out of the question.  Because there are other things families would rather do on the night of the 4th?  Whatevs.

The 3rd also brought with it a Fried Chicken Road Trip on Route 66 with my friend Brianne.  I would have written all about it, but she beat me to it. If you're interested please check out her blog here:  Fried-Chicken  It was a great (small) roadtrip.  The food and treats were fantastic.  I even bought a tshirt.  Cue the mouth to begin watering now because just thinking about it has made me crave some homemade fried chicken.

I think that's it for my ramblings today.  I have the gross taste of Zesty Salsa Combos in my mouth.  It's gross, yet it makes me want more. 

Time to go drink some water.


Allison said...

On a similar note: if Kenosha ever has trick-or-treating on the actual day of Halloween, I don't know what I'll do. It'll be like some sign of the apocalypse.

Alesa Warcan said...

Overall, it sounds like a pretty good time.
Even the suffering in the heat sounded like it was fun. ; j

Heidi said...

Allison, you are absolutely right. Maybe it's all leading up to the end of the world - my 32nd birthday. December 21, 2012. I will say, however, that I was impressed that they had "dusk" trick-or-treating last year. Halloween costumed creatures at night? I hadn't seen that since we were kids!

On another note, remember the awesome Halloween parties that Grewenow used to have?

* * * * *

Alesa, looking was worth is. But in the moment, it was so bad. I did take a break on the way home. I stopped at a little diner and had breakfast for lunch. Yum!