Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Just be Real Here!

As if I didn't have enough incredibly fun things occurring in my life, I got this stupid urinary tract infection.  What the?  I honestly thought you had to be sexually active to get that jazz!  Plus, I'm a clean person!!!  Ug.  So, over a week ago I went to the walk-in clinic and was diagnosed with a doosey that (luckily) hadn't reached my kidneys.  I was in loads of pain though.  Then, sixty bucks later, I went to get my 3 days of antibiotics for another fifteen bucks of cold hard cash.

Did I mention ever that I need a CAR?  A uti, not in my budget!

After my three days of that fun.  My lady business came to town.  Sorry, I'm 30 now, I can talk about my lady business if I want to.  Just sayin'.  I still felt funky.  Besides, who's to say things go away?  Am I to just trust that because my symptoms left that I'm now magically healed?  Cue last Friday, my return visit to the walk-in clinic.  

Now, the walk-in that I go to (because I don't have a doctor and to that point hadn't been to one since my early teen years - and even that was just for sports physicals) is in a grocery store.  So, here I am, at a walk-in clinic that has no bathrooms.  Therefore, I have to march through the store with my paper bag; absolutely positive that the entire world and every employee of the store are glaring at my with judgement in there eyes, and pee in a cup.  Then, I have to make the walk of shame back to the clinic, back through the store, to hand them my doggie bag of pee.  I felt so dirty.  I felt like everyone looking on was casting judgement about me having a drug test or std or something.  I desperately wanted to say, "No.  You've got the wrong idea!  I'm a virgin, I promise!"  But then in my mind they were all going to stone me anyway, so what did it matter?

Test two: failed.  Infection returned, although better.  Here I am on my second round of antibiotics. 

One doctor visit - $60. 

SEVEN days of antibiotics - $30. 

$165 later, and still no car. 

The bonus is, apparently baths are hurting me.  I love baths, and now I can't really take them.  After my first infection my brain was all, "Take baths, Heidi.  They are soo cleeean."  What the heck ever!  I told this lady (aka Doctor) and she was like, "Bad move."  Now that I'm 30, baths (for me) have become the Antichrist.  Awesome.

Please pray that this infection gets the heck out of dodge.  I'm freaked about it.  I'm a hypochondriac by nature, so immediately my mind thinks my body is failing or something.  Plus, since I started the new meds on Friday I have been completely wiped out and incredibly sore.  Every muscle in my back and body is sore for some reason, which only fuels my thoughts that something is wrong. 

Other than that, I finished season one of Criminal Minds on dvd, and now am on to season two.  Good times.

I want to marry Doctor Spencer Ried.


Alesa Warcan said...

I realize it's no consolation... But in taking quick showers instead of baths, you'll be saving water! Ecofriendly AND wallet friendly. In a mere two years time you may have saved enough in water to pay for your meds. : /
Sorry to hear your feeling so poorly!

Heidi said...

SO true! I think I just was going to town on the baths because for so long I have lived in places where baths weren't possible. Too much of a good thing I suppose, I was spoiling myself with my nice smelling baths. *sigh*

Lily Cate said...

Nice post. Gross but effective.
Drink some cranberry juice. That helps. And once you're cured, keep on drinkin' it.
Cate Junior has to have a baby tooth pulled this week, so you guys can hang in the infirmary together, if you want.
Also, I'll come and pick you up, or have Ben get you on the way home, if it's the only way to get Craft Night rocking again.

Heidi said...

Gross but effective indeed! It's just *that* kind of Monday I guess.

Poor Cate Junior! Just tell him it'll make him even that much more suave with the girls once he makes room for grown-up teeth. Man, once you start getting all those adult teeth, next thing you know you don't need ol' Ma and Paw to help you with your juice box straws anymore.

As for the cranberry juice. I've been taking cranberry pills for awhile now (pre infection) which they say is good. At first sign I began drinking 100% cranberry juice in lieu of soda. I've always loved cranberry juice. Well, apparently when you HAVE the infection you shouldn't drink much of the juice, just water basically. Baths and perhaps the juice (according to the dr) must've caused round 2. Water flushes, juices pushes stuff against your walls or whatever. Blah.

I'd better not be dying.

I'll be so pissed if I am.