Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Write, Or Not To Write?

Why is there never 'time'? 

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day about the notion of 'love'.  Hollywood has glamorized and romanticized 'love' to such an extent that it's just completely unrealistic.  It's unattainable in our human lives to live out the life of a Hollywood romantic comedy.  I'm not a cynic, just a realist.  Realistically, love takes work.  It can be fantastic, and wonderful, and even hearts and flowers and fluffy bunnies.  But, at some point, there will be fights, tears, overflowing toilets and dirty laundry! 

What about time, though?  Why does time seem to be this thing that is so highly romanticized in my brain, yet never used?  I have been legitimately pretty busy the past few months...but every day, in the far off recesses of my 40+ hour work week (with 2 jobs), a voice calls to me.  It's a voice from a big comfy, cushy, plush chair - I think it's a deep wine color, maybe mustard - in the middle of a wooded area.

I'm not talking deep woods here, people.  I'm talking dreamy, Savannah-type, woods.

Plop a big comfy chair in a patch of emerald green grass, covered with drops of morning dew.  Add in the glory, comfort, and beauty of the twisted branches and hanging canopy of these trees.  Cue the sun to stay frozen in the perfect spot, lighting the surroundings in an elegant glow of amber colors.  Offering the light of a breathtaking sunset that is struggling to cast it's rays through the trees....and that, my friends, is where I want to write.

Needless to say, I don't have any of that.  In the off chance that I have a chunk of time to spare these days, I'm absolutely worn out.  Sometimes I just feel so completely drained from my work day that it seems as if I have nothing to give.  Oh to have the life and the means to actually *do* what I'd enjoy doing - or dare I even say, LOVE doing?

Time sucks.  So does love? 

Maybe they're both overrated. 


Cabbiethegreat said...

As I always say, of course other women will eventually want my husband. They don't wash his underwear, of course they want him! :) Maybe TMI...I love your description of the woods. You have a way with words. We used to have cool woods close to my neighborhood (unofficially called The Trails by all the kids in the 'hood) that led straight to this convenience store where the owner would sell cigarettes to minors as long as you said they were for your dad. Anyway, we practically lived in them and could disappear for hours at a time. I miss being a kid. And, everything is overrated. Except Cherry Coke.

Heidi said...

Oh man, "Everything is overrated. Except Cherry Coke." That sounds like the best facebook status ever!!! Thanks for you comment. I love hearing stories of youth. We used to have a trail that ran behind all the houses on my block. It was cool because you could (also) disappear for store at the end of it though! ;)

Cabbiethegreat said...

Kela and I were discussing this the other day, like how weird was it that we could disappear for hours at a time? Would that brand of parenting really fly in this day and age? How the heck did we survive?? There couldve been serial killers camping out in those woods! And mine and Kela's best friend back in the day was this elderly man who lived across the street and we would eat dinner with him practically every day. And that was totally cool! I'm trying to decide if it will be weird if my own kids someday are hanging out at some old man's, times are different. :)