Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Doucher

"This whole time I thought my Step-Brother was a total doucher, but you're not a doucher." -Step Brothers

Okay, if there is one thing that gets me every time, it's douchers who think their vehicle is God's gift to man. As such, they park either; A.) Taking up 2-4 parking spaces - in order to assure/maintain a safe distance from the next parked car. Or B.) They park in the spot that is the farthest possible spot from the building or event.

Well, you know what Mr. Important Car? You're absolutely right.

Here I am, happy and blessed with whatever I have. Even if I had a brand new car, I'd take good care of it but I would understand that the inevitable is not really stoppable. Someone will spill in it. Someone will push a cart into it. You'll hit a curb and scuff the tires. A kid will kick their dirty shoes on the back of the seat. It will rain, eventually. In the land of the North, odds are that it will snow. Salt will probably come in contact with it at some point. And you know what? When you die, you probably won't be too concerned about the scratch you got while you were in the grocery store.

I mean, those WERE my thoughts, till Mr. Important Car showed me the way. You know what? You're right. So, my sister and I parked right by Mr. I.C. and we walked the extra 100 yards to the store.

I like to think that when he *finally* got all the way back out to his car after shopping, he stood there and looked at the 2 cars parked together. I'm sure he smiled and realized that his point was made and that he was showing people the best options possible. He probably shed a tear as he thought of the health benefits we'd reap from walking a littler further than we had initially planned. What a trend setter.

I'm sure he was thrilled to say the least.


Sarah said...

umm...not to make you go off on your rant any further, but it's 'doucher', not 'duocher'


Just Plain Heidi said...

See!? I'm am so glad you said something! I originally posted this with it spelled 'doucher'. Then I went to some quote site, to make sure I had the quote correct, and THEY had it spelled 'duocher'. It looked SO wrong to me but when I spell checked it, it didn't mark it as wrong! I was like, maybe they *do* spell it different than the feminine product! lol. Stupid doucher spell-check.... I posted the quote one way and the title one way, hoping someone would say something - I'm so glad you did!!!!

Just Plain Heidi said...

I fixed the title now! ;)

Sarah said...

hahaha, I'm so glad I could help you spell 'douche' correctly, lol

Just Plain Heidi said...

Hey, that's a TRUE friend.