Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Body, Thanks For the Reminder!

I haven't been written nearly as much as I should. Not just on here, mind you, I'm speaking generally. This has been a year of rediscovery for me. One in which I actually haven't given myself a moment to sit and actually figure things out. I have however gotten fat. Soooo, that's awesome.

I gave up on maintaining my eyebrows many moons ago. When one makes a choice such as this, they often do not think about the fact that the odds of someone snapping close up pictures of their face are pretty high. Yeah, well, I spent the weekend at a lock-in with a bunch of kids from the Youth Group that I help lead. It was a blast. However, now there are dozens of pictures of me and my fat mug with giant eyebrows (that look like centipedes) on my face. Sweet! Thank God I'm secure and just don't care. But now I'm considering for the first time ever getting my eyebrows done at a professional. If I come out with ridiculously tiny, heinous, eyebrows - I'll be pissed. More pissed than Kanye West when Taylor Swift beat Beyonce out for best video.

Dodgeball is a so fun. I'm not gonna lie. I love it. I played so many freaking physically active games this weekend that every muscle inside of my body aches. "13 Going on 30" could've been such a different movie had it explained how the crap you deal with growing up!