Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 1/2 Days Till I Carry a Watermelon

Next Friday I will be here. Pembroke, Virginia. With my childhood best friend, Amie.

In preparation for this event I have purchased two shirts for the weekend. One being pink, with a watermelon, saying; "I carried a watermelon?". And the other being white and stating; "Go back to your playpen, Baby."

I am in the process of renting a car in the next few days. Well, not renting it per say, just reserving it for rental next Thursday. Ah, next Thursday night we hit the open road for our "best friend adventure". We need it. I need it. It's going to be great.

I work with some total duechers. Not gonna lie. Whether it's married truck drivers that are hitting on me, or the one person in the world that seems to have a particular "Heidi-shaped" chip on his shoulder and has it out for me. A vacation from work will be great. Even if it is just 2 or 3 days off!

I have 4 more months to enjoy my twenties. I should really party it up. Like, um....wait. I have no ideas. Maybe I'll live on McDonald's 49 cent cones for a whole week. Or I could only make right-hand turns for a whole day. Man, that would suck with all the road construction in my life... Well, what about not drinking soda for a week? No. That would kill me. Hmm...there has to be some way for me to enjoy the remaining days of my 20s.

I should seriously consider bringing watermelons, shouldn't I?...