Thursday, April 2, 2009

30 Days for 60 Shoes (or 30 pairs)

APRIL 1st:

APRIL 2nd:
I am a pretty low-maintenance gal. I'm most content in a hoodie and jeans, paired with some comfortable skater shoes or something of the sort. It has come to my attention, through the statements of some friends of mine, that I have a lot of really cool shoes - I just never wear them. I am a sucker for a good pair of shoes, most of them dressy. Having said that, when do I EVER dress up!?
It's been many months in the making, but April Fool's Day began my first attempt at going an entire month wearing a different pair of shoes every day. I'll call them my "main pair". Of course if it's snowing or raining I'm not going to wear them out in the elements if they'll be ruined, so I will allow changing. But one rule remains; the majority of the day I will be attempting to wear a "new" pair. 30 days, 30 pairs. Lord, help me. I realize now that I've acquired some truly ugly shoes as well. I've also realized that unless I locate the bulk of my shoes VERY soon (I think they may be in my cousins basement...) I will be forced to wear flip flops and some pretty hideous ones in the meantime...
So far so good.


Allison said...

Niiiice! Keep taking pictures... I enjoy looking at shoes even more than I like buying them.

BeeKay said...

I also look forward to the end collage with all 60 shoes.

chen said...

I love, love, love shoes, too.

Once when I was caught in a shoe department, shopping for more, one of my kids was whining "LET's GOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"I just want to look at some shoes," I said.

He turned me around and replied "If you want to look at some shoes just go home and look in the basement."

He was right. I've been trying hard ever since, to wean myself. Now I'm downright picky, and I've had the hardest time lately finding a new pair of 'everyday' shoes that I like. They need to be brown, not too athletic looking, not too dressy, not too pointy, not too rounded, and must be 1- to 1-1/2 inches high.

Can't find them. Do you have any Heidi? Size 7.5?