Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekend Away...

I had the best weekend.

I had hoped to post some pictures in this blog...but I've left my camera card at home. *sigh*
Friday night straight after work I drove 41 minutes to Twin Lakes, WI. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was still allowing me to see where I was going to - thankfully, because had it been dark, I may have driven off a cliff! I pulled up to my home-away-from-(temporary)home!

I spent the evening watching tv, writing in my notebook - lists of what I wanted to accomplish over the weekend, and just plain settling in. It was a glorious night.

Saturday was full of nature walks, sitting on the pier watching the water and boaters go by, soaking in the warmth of the sun in my jeans and sweatshirt....nice...writing, reading, and working on a water color painting using only water from the lake! It was SO much fun.

I also ventured out into the surrounding small towns during the late afternoon. I picked up some paper from a local grocery store, stopped and took some photos (of which I will post soon!), and I stopped at a beautiful little graveyard that I had passed on my way in to town on Friday. I wished I would have stopped on Friday to take some pictures because the sunset behind the graveyard and church were breathtaking. But, I didn't. So Saturdays pictures were just a glimpse of how cool the place looked in the eeriness of nightfall...

Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early. 6am to be exact. I layered up and headed down to the beach. I climbed into the rowboat and rowed into the middle of the lake and sat...waiting. At about 6:51am I was greated by the sunrise. It was beautiful. For a moment I was reflective, thinking of my Mother and her love for sunrises... Thinking of how she, Laura and I had planned on going to see the sunrise on Thursday morning... the day that turned out to be when the infection set in. I don't remember the date of my last sunrise with my Mom, but the memories of those adventures are strong. She would have loved this one.

My butt was freezing cold though, against the metal of the boat.

Thus the summary of my weekend. If you need a nice getaway that seems woodsy, yet you're actually by people (so you feel safe!), these cabins are a great choise.

In May, I will give you the review of my trip to Trillium(sp?) Cottages in WI. Then, in August/September you shall hear of my trip to Virginia!!!